Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Nicki Minaj will not be doing a response to Remy Ma..and here's why

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According to someone close to Nicki Minaj, the rapper is 'not giving that broke b*tch' the time of day.”. Below is the full response;

We are not giving that broke b*tch any light. Her career was Shettered when she went to jail. She came out with that old 1995 flow, and the song was whack.

There weren’t any real bars in it, she was just spitting some old MediaTakeOut gossip to a Nas beat. In a week no one is gonna be talking about that song, cause it’s whack.
People are just talking about it cause of the gossip in it which is all LIES by the way. Once people get over the gossip, no one is going to be bumping it.
Nicki could destroy her, but why. It would only make that dumb b*tch more relevant. We’d rather watch her starve. That b*tch is gonna be on EBT soon.
We’re going to continue to make hit songs, and hit movies.

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