5 Simple Makeup Tips For Fuller Lips

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5 Simple Makeup Tips For Fuller Lips

– How to use makeup to get fuller lips

– Lip-enhancing makeup tricks

For Fuller Lips….

A whole lot of ladies wish they had fuller lips; many of them have decided to do something about it. All sorts of measures have been employed to the fill up those lips and people are still trying to come up with new ideas.
A simple way to give yourself fuller looking lips without making any alterations that you don’t really want or you might regret, is to do it temporarily with makeup. You can enjoy the feeling of having supple and pouty lips and still go back to your beautiful self at the end of the day. Isn’t that a great deal?

Here are some simple makeup tips to make your lips lookfuller:

Take the flakes off

Flaky lips don’t allow your lips to reflect light well and when your lips are dry, they look smaller. The first thing you should do to give your lips a fuller look is to constantly brush off the flakes on them.
You can easily do this with a toothbrush. Just brush on your lips gently to get rid of the flakes. You can even make this part of your tooth-brushing routine. This will boost circulation in your lips and give them a rosy colour.

Use Concealer

One simple trick for fuller lips is to apply concealer on your lips before applying lipstick. You can also spread it over your lip line. This makes your lipstick look more like the colour in the tube and this makes them look bigger.
You can also use foundation for this trick.

Overdraw the lip line

Lip liner is an easy way to make your lips appear bigger. Use something that matches your lipstick and trace it a little outside of your natural lip line. Fill in your lipstick within that boundary that you’ve drawn and watch your lips pop bigger.

Hide your lip line

You can make your lips look bigger by hiding your lip line. You can easily use a concealer to do this; use a skinny brush to apply the concealer as a liner to make the line outside your lips disappear. The results will amaze you.

Stay away from darker lipsticks

Some people have a good enough lip size that they don’t need it bigger but they’re always wearing dark lipsticks and so their lips look small. Whether you’re in this category or not, you need to know that lighter lipsticks give you lips a fuller look while darker ones make them look smaller.
If you’re looking to achieve fuller looking lips, use more of nude and pale lipsticks and for colours like red, make sure you stick to brighter versions.

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