6 Benefits of Marula Oil For Your Skin

6 Benefits of Marula Oil For Your Skin

– Ever heard of Marula oil

– Find out how Marula oil can help your skin

There’s a very high chance that you haven’t heard of marula oil; you’re not the odd one out. The truth is that a lot of people have not heard about the fruit, so knowing about the oil is far-fetched.

The Marula oil is extracted from the kernel of the fruits of the Marula tree, which is native to southern Africa. This oil is used for cooking, to treat leather and for cosmetic purposes among other things.

Traditionally, the people in southern Africa have known the benefits of this oil for moisturizing the skin and this is why their women use it for their skins and for their babies. It is said that women used Marula oil instead of water to clean themselves in times past. Marula oil provides great benefits for the skin and hair. It can be used to stimulate hair growth and enhance the skin. Here are benefits of Marula oil for the skin:

Scars and Stretch Marks

Marula is a good choice for treating scars and stretch marks. When used regularly over a period of time, it will help to reduce the appearance of scars or stretch marks. It can also be used to prevent stretch marks. The reason for this is that it contains fatty acids, antioxidants and other minerals.

Another reason why it works so well is that it easily absorbs into the skin. You can use it massage your skin to get the best results and leave your skin supple.

Eczema and Acne

If you suffer from skin conditions like eczema, Marula oil is definitely worth the try. Instead of all those products with petroleum bases and artificial fragrances, this natural oil will nourish and moisturize your skin to improve its hydration and prevent dryness which is a trigger for many of these skin conditions.

It also helps to treat acne with its microbial properties and its ability to hydrate the skin. You can use this oil to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes by applying it to affected areas of your skin regularly. This includes acne scars too.


Marula oil contains vitamins C and E alongside fatty acids that combat free radicals and help to reduce their damage.

The result of this is a skin with a youthful look as it helps the skin to repair itself by boosting its capacity to produce collagen to maintain softness.

You can use this oil at night before you sleep; you can also use it as a pre-shower or post-shower anti-ageing moisturizer.

Smooth Skin

You can use Marula oil to improve the firmness of your skin, reduce pigmentation, boost your complexion and smoothen out your skin.

Containing vitamin C and fatty acids, it helps to deal with areas of cellulite. With regular application of this oil, your skin will turn out smooth soft and silky.

Makeup Removal

You can use Marula oil as a healthy means of taking off your make up. It will help you avoid any damage to your skin due to harsh chemicals and also nourish your skin.

You can simply dab some on a cotton pad to wipe off your makeup and rinse your face with water afterwards. This is a great way to remove makeup without stripping your skin of too much moisture.

All Skin Types

The good thing about Marula oil, as with many natural oils, is that it works great on all skin types. It is not too heavy, making it absorb fast into the skin without clogging pores. It keeps the skin moisturized without making it greasy.

It is easy for anyone of any skin type to use this oil, either by adding a little to your cream or beauty product or by using it on its own regularly.

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