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Jesus Christ shed His blood in seven places so we can be made whole. It is not just forgiveness. Salvation means receiving everything that was paid for. To be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ means seven things; it means forgiveness, healing, deliverance, prosperity, freedom, authority and power.
There are seven places where He shed his blood:
  1. The Garden of Gethsemane: It is not a coincidence. Adam lost it first in the Garden of Eden. Redemption means brought back to the original place where the blessing was lost. Adam preferred his will to God but Jesus Christ preferred God’s to His, Lk. 22:41-42, 44. Medical authorities confirm that under intense pressure blood vessels break under the skin and blood comes out as sweat. The blood comes to purge our conscience, Heb. 9:13-14. Sin shall not have dominion over you, Rom. 6:14. Your will over sin has been restored.
  2. The 39 stripes on this back, Isaiah 53:5, for our healing. Medical authorities confirm that all diseases can be grouped in 39 routes through which they come into the human body. So every lash provided healing for every disease.
  3. The crown of thorns on this head, on the way to Pilate’s palace, Matt. 27:29. The curse of poverty in Gen. 3:17-19 was taken away by the blood. Man was cursed with thorns and thistles. The men that weaved it were fulfilling prophecy unknown to them.
  4. The nails in this hand. Dominion over things lost is won back. Anything you put your hands on to do prosper, Mark 16:18, Gen. 3:19.
  5. The nails in this feet. He did it to win back our dominion. The blood shed on His feet restores our dominion. The legs you are carrying are not just for shoes but for dominion. The promise made to Joshua in Deut. 11:24 was personal to him alone but through Jesus Christ we are now also partakers of it, Heb. 2:12-14.
  6. The spear to this side. Blood and water come out to win back our joy and peace, John 19:33-34. This heart was broken so you could be mended. Rev. 21:4, Ps. 147:3.
  7. His bruised body. This refers to inner hurts and bondage. Bleeding on the inside. Iniquity is a spiritual force that suppresses one. He was buried to change us on the inside, 2 Cor. 5:17.

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