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Mistakes you must avoid on twitter

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Twitter is online social networking services which enable users to post and read 140-character messages called “Tweets” companies, entrepreneurs, Activists, Govt. Agencies e.t.c now uses social media such as twitter to promote their brands.

The following are twitter mistakes you must avoid;

The basic information on your bio explains the type of business you do. If you don’t fill your bio it is practically impossible to know the type of business you do. Always ensure that you have a fascinating profile/background and cover image on your twitter account.
The best way to know how acceptable your tweets campaign is through tracking of result. Twitter makes it possible for its users to analyze its tweet to check the level of acceptance. Some tweets from popular celebrity can generate as high as 25 millions audience within a short period of time . Always avoid the mistake of not checking the efficacy of your tweets.

People use hashtags(#) before a relevant keyword or phrase in their tweet such as #Entpaded .Hashtags assist users to track their performance and response from followers /customers it is therefore important not to ignore hashtags if you have made this mistakes try to correct it.
Always avoid too much retweets, it is not a good idea to have too much retweets on your timelines . it can make your loyal customers to be bored and decided to unfollow you . Always retweet things that have positive impact on your brand/business.

One of the things you should keep in mind is that your Facebook and twitter audience are different, so always post different content to these platform because some contents can work excellently on Facebook and not generating good response on twitter. it is also nice to display your Instagram, Facebook and other social media name on your twitter handle for easy identification by your customers/friends and followers.
Well as the say no one is perfect. People make several twitter mistakes and we hope you would be able to learn and avoid the pitfalls above.

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