๐Ÿ’„ 5 Makeup Kit You Shouldn't Share

These days, everyone wants to look good by making themselves can come up and receiving as many compliments come their way.
Quite normal, but you should never be desperate to use someone else’s makeup kits or allow others to use yours. Here are some no-go area when it comes to make-up, check them out and see the reasons behind them:

1.Make-up brushes

Never share makeup brushes. There was a particular time my face friend used someone else’s brush just to face look brighter coz she wasn’t in the mood to make-up, she ended up having eczema and she carried it on her face for a long time. Germs and bacteria grow on the makeup brushes causing breakouts. Brushes are better used alone and washed regularly too.

2. Blenders

Apart from the fact that it’s not hygienic, sharing beauty sponge
can cause rashes and other forms of skin reactions. You should never share your blenders with any other person if you don’t want to be a victim.

3 .Eye makeup (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, etc)

Sharing eye makeup can cause eye infections. The fact that the eye is one of the most delicate parts of the face is enough reason not to share eye makeups, they also breed a lot of personalized bacteria. It is not advised to share them especially for those who wear contact lens as the bacteria from shared eye makeups can get trapped in the lens.

4. Lipsticks

You might think that it’s over-stated, but no, it’s not. Sharing lipsticks can cause you to have cold sores. Even if your friend does not have any irritation, keep your colors to yourself because they could carry the virus that causes them.

5. Makeup testers

According to research, makeup testers are one of the top ways bacteria spreads through cosmetics. Testing a makeup product can be tempting, but don’t apply directly to your face.

The next time, you’re in a shopping mall, trying out a makeup product, be sure to swatch the product on a tool to your hand instead of your face and use disposable tool to grab the colour, rather than dipping your fingers in it.

Credit: Rachel Sotton


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