8 Things that kills relationship

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8 Things that kills relationship

When you see the glow on the faces of those in love, sometimes, you feel jealous and want to be like them. It may come as a shock to you when they break up. Below are some of the things that can kill a relationship


Suspicion can kill a relationship. At this point, there would probably be lack of trust between them.

No mutual respect

Respect is reciprocal. When a partner does not respect his spouse probably because of her profession, her low income or her educational level, then the lack of respect can kill the relationship


No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, but the most important thing is forgiveness. Some people would claim to forgive their partners without forgetting their wrong deeds, thereby making reference to the wrong deeds. This can kill a relationship.


Apart from the fact that having more than one partner is not healthy medically, it can kill a relationship, as no one would be happy to remain in a relationship with a man who has a side chick.

Poor communication

We all have different love languages. Some partners would prefer to communicate with their partners through their words while others is through their actions. It becomes very difficult when a partner is trying to convey a message and the other partner does not understand.


This is mostly associated with ladies. Guys have many things to worry about. A lady nagging is just an extra stress they don’t  need.


Negative interference from a partner’s relatives can ruin a very good relationship. They would be there every step of the way preventing peace and happiness.


The hidden skeletons in the cupboard can definitely kill a relationship.

Keeping a relationship is hard work. Successful people try very hard to keep their relationship a success.

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