Advantages of dating a poor guy.

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Advantages of dating a poor guy.

While many ladies would prefer to marry rich guys, not every guy is rich. And not every girl would fall for a rich guy. 

There are many disadvantages of dating a poor guy, one of the them being the fact that guys need finance to run romance, fortunately, there are also advantages of dating a poor guy.

some of the reasons why are below

No much expectation

It is likely the poor guy would want to accept you the way you are because he would need you to accept him the way he is.

You can be with him without being afraid that he would criticize you.

That way, you would be able to enjoy being with him as he won’t want a trophy lady.

He would be a charmer

since he does not have money and he does not want to loose you to the richer guys, he would look for ways to make you happy and keep impressing you.

In fact, it is also likely that he would extend this charm to your family and friends.

That is surely an advantage as it would be fun to watch him charm and play with them.

He would remember you when he becomes rich

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. When he hits the jackpot, he would remember you and celebrate you.

He would be protective

There would be other guys trying to get your attention and he would not want anything or anyone to take you away from him so he would try his best to protect you.

He would be supportive of your career.

Reasearch has shown that most poor men are very supportive of their girl friend’s career.

The guy would want to move away from poverty. So, he would try his best to make sure that your career is successful.


He won’t have much money to fool around, so it is likely that he would be very faithful to you as he would want to focus on ways to get money.

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