Benefits And Side Effects Of Sunglasses

Opticians see the need to recommend eyeglasses if certain eye conditions and eye defects are in place.

When there is difficulty in seeing or reading, eyeglasses is needed for correction processes to take place.

Lots of people are benefitting from the invention of eyeglasses daily. Glasses serve different functions for different people.

Vision is not static, eyesight is in a constant state of change. This is a fact that most people know, that is why most of us have felt our eyes becoming tired after a long day in front of the computer.

Glasses are fitted in order to correct refractive error, that is, the lens is supposed to focus the image that we see precisely onto the retina. However, glasses compensate for the refractive error in a good way.

Some of the reasons people wear eyeglasses include;

1. For the repair or correction of eye defects and conditions.

2. For correction of short-sightedness or myopia, which is a situation where things in the distance are blurry and long-sightedness or hyperopia, where you can’t focus on close things.

3. For clear vision, eyeglasses would help us see better if our vision is quite poor.

4. To enhance reading well.

5. Improvement of sight.

Yet there are some side effects of wearing glasses just like any other thing has its benefit as well as side effects. Obvious drawbacks of the prolonged wearing of glasses include;

• Distortion, which leads to an abnormal or reduced field of view.

• There is an indentation left in the face after years of wearing.

• Prolonged wearing of eyeglasses weakens the eyesight.

* When there is dirt on your glasses or when they are wet, the vision becomes blurry.

Glasses become useless when the air is wet, it leads to reduced vision.

* Prolonged wearing of eyeglasses also leads to addiction. You tend to increasingly rely on them, you feel blind and incapable without them. You can’t do hardly anything until you find them.

* It also makes a lot of people to be inconvenient.

Although eyeglasses correct many eye defects, the solution to perfect vision is not found in glasses.Wearing glasses is at best a compromise.

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