Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Google Plans to Fix Chrome Bugs

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Google has noticed that there is a problem or bug with the Chrome browser. The problem was that the passwords on the browser could easily be stolen and malicious file could run on it. In order to fix this flaw, Chrome had called on its engineers.

The bug was noticed by a research firm Defense Code Security. The problem identified was that when you download a Windows Explorer Shell Command File, the format will immediately change to a shortcut making your system at risk.

This shortcut was a problem for users as it will attempt to hack all the passwords saved on your system. It sends it to the creators or makers of the command file; your password at risk.

Any victim who then uses a Microsoft Exchange or an NTLM; based authentification will be at risk of losing the vital passwords on the device.

The good news from Chrome is that this bug has been fixed. This will require you to login to the Chrome server, update to the latest chrome browser and get your password saved from hackers.

Also, Chrome advises all that in order to protect their passwords, they need to go to Chrome settings and disable all the automatic downloads and select the advanced setting to request for permission before any download is done.

With this, you will surely have your Chrome fixed, and your passwords protected.

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