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Home Remedies For Post Nasal Drip

Post-nasal drip is a common healthy problem in daily life. Actually, it is a nasal mucus nature.
Home Remedies For Post Nasal Drip

Post-nasal drip is a common health problem in daily life. Actually, it is a nasal mucus nature. In normal condition, nose moistens and cleans the air you breathe in and out. In order to perform this function, the nose has the epithelium of paranasal sinus, which produce mucus drains through small passageways into the nasal cavity and lower to trap debris in the air and humidify the air, and much tiny hair-like structure called cilia, which sweep the mucus posteriorly to pharynx in order to maintain these functions.

Therefore, when the weather is too dry, the cilia cannot perform its function well, as a result, the mucus stagnates in the posterior nasal septum and causes the sound during you breathe. And now you suffer from post-nasal drip cough. Beside, nasal infection, sinus infection, or allergies also cause this problem because of the excessive mucus in the nasal cavity.

It is thought that the best option to ease the post nasal drip is home remedies even though there are so many types of the OTCs (over the counters). Obviously, all medications have side effects.

You should choose the appropriate solution depending on the cause.

If the reason is dry weather, here are some advice for you:

Gargle with saltwater

It is the easiest and cheapest way to reduce the symptom. It helps thin the mucus, keeps your mouth clean, and removes bacteria. Besides, your throat could be soothed by gargling with salt water.
  1. Mix half teaspoon of salt with a quarter of liter water
  2. Stir to dissolve completely salt. Now we have an isotonic solution that is safe for the human body.
  3. Gargle this solution several time a day to get the highest effectiveness.

Steam inhalation

One of the benefits when you applying this method is an immediate decrease of mucus production. Because the hot steam helps the blood vessels in the nose become dilation and then air passage widened help you breathe easier.
  1. Boil water, pour into a bowl
  2. Add some drops of eucalyptus oil or salt in hot water. It depends on yourself.
  3. Drape a clean towel over your face, hold the face and the surface of hot water parallel
  4. Breathe deeply in 10 minute
  5. Repeat this 2-3 times a day until the symptom is relieved completely.
Note:  you must make sure that the water isn’t too hot to harm your skin.

Drink more water

Drinking 2-3 liters water per day helps your body working well and sometimes sweeps sputum away your throat, then the producing mucus is reduced.

If the post nasal drip appeared because of infection in nose or sinus, common cold, flu or allergies, you can apply these methods below:


It is known that ginger is a natural decongestant as its content is an antiviral, antibacterial agent. In addition, ginger and its derivation also clear the air passage. There are several ways of using ginger but ginger tea is the most traditional and convenient way. Putting a teaspoon of sliced ginger into a cup of water and boil these in about 10 minutes, adding a little honey to make a good taste. Another way is chewing raw ginger but you do not have to swallow it. Repeating the method twice or three times a day to get the high effect.


Garlic is famous for the perfectability of killing infectious agents like bacteria and viruses with powerful antibiotic compositions. Therefore any symptom of nasal and sinus infection can be reduced promptly, especially post nasal drip.
  1. Chewing some small pieces of garlic several time a day helps you recover quickly.
  2. Garlic supplement is another option for you but it needs a consultation with your doctor.
Note: Using garlic causes the bad smell in the mouth

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is an antihistamine properties helps to reduce any symptoms of allergy including postnasal drip and soothe your throat. Consuming a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper mixed honey twice to three times per day until you recover completely or you can add it while cooking.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in the immune system. It helps your physical function more healthy and improves the ability to fight all illnesses related to immunity. Vitamin C presents in many kinds of fruit and vegetable in nature, it is so easy to consume. Broccoli, kiwi, citrus fruit, dark leafy greens are some food sources of vitamin C you can use. In order to keep more vitamins, you should try eating it raw and diminishing soaking time.

One of the most well-known sources of vitamin C is lemon. Lemon tea adding a little honey or sugar and salt is not only a tasty drink but also improving the body’s resistance to infections. It is preferable to drink in the morning before breakfast to control the overproduction of mucus.

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