Things You Need for a No-Makeup Look

No Makeup Face 

Summer fresh face

Lipstick and liners do a whole lot of good for the ladies but sometimes you really want to take a break, go bare-faced and let the world know that you’ve always been beautiful. The summer trend of a fresh, makeup free face is a thing right now and what better time to give all that mascara and eyeliner a rest that when in the summer time?

No makeup, however, doesn’t mean that you have to go all barefaced (you can if you want to) with nothing to give your face a little lift especially if your skin is not in its best shape. There are products you can still use to come out with the shiny and alluring no makeup face that will inspire everyone else to go ditch their makeup, at least for now.

Besides you don’t really have to do without make-up totally, you can just make it look like you did especially if you’ve given up so much out of your arsenal.

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Here are 9 things you may need for a no makeup look:

1. Exfoliator

Better to start off the journey by exfoliating your skin properly and guess what? You don’t have to spend too much. You can exfoliate your skin with a mixture of face cleanser or lemon and some granular sugar. You could also just mix some sugar with natural oils like olive or coconut oil and use as exfoliator or you can just go with your favourite product.

This will take off the dead cells and give you a good head-start.

2. Moisturizer

Moisturizing your face is not a step you should skip because you’re going without make up. You need to keep your skin hydrated so it will look like a summer face.

3. Foundation

Yes, it’s no makeup but you just might need a little help with the not so smooth skin. Apply some foundation to give your face the extra help it needs.

Even if you have a really smooth and fresh, applying foundation helps with to even out your skin tone.

4. Concealer

For those other patches and spots that foundation can’t fix, you can use a concealer to perfect that fresh-faced look.

5. White teeth

Since you’re going without make or just going with a lot less, it’s a good idea to give your teeth a makeover. Use teeth whiteners to brighten up your teeth or maybe just a brush little longer?

6. Clear eyes

For that no makeup look, it’s not a bad idea to have clearer, brighter looking eyes. If you like the idea, you can also grab some redness-reducing drops to clear the white of your eyes.

7. Lip scrub

Lips without lipstick are one of the attention points of the no makeup look so it makes a lot of sense to prep and prop up your lips. Use a lip scrub to remove flaky skin, smoothen and moisturize your lips to look supple and rosy.

8. Lip balm

Of course, you need lip balm or lip gloss to make your lips shine and glow and it doesn’t hurt to get something that does a little extra. Just don’t cheat…too much.

9. Brow enhancement

This may not be necessary but just in case you’re being held back by eyebrows you aren’t too proud of or by a brow session gone wrong, you can always make it up with a brow powder or serum to fill up your eyebrows and make them look exactly how you want. You need your eyebrows to look good, especially for this look.

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