Amazing Tips On How To Lose Unhealthy Fat Belly
Being overweight doesn’t always mean you’re unhealthy, the same way being of normal weight doesn’t automatically equate to good health. Most times, being overweight is not a health problem, just a cosmetic one. However, having fat located around your abdominal cavity is a serious cause of concern.

Having a belly width of above 35 cm is usually considered unhealthy. Excess belly fat should be eliminated as soon as possible to prevent causing complications. Here are some tips on how to lose belly fat.

Avoid Sugar and Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Added sugar from food is very harmful to your metabolic processes. The fructose in sugar can only be properly converted by your liver in small amounts. Overloading on sugar forces your liver to convert excess fructose to fat and this can cause the accumulation of fat in your belly. This can result in increased belly fat, insulin resistance and other metabolic issues.

Cut Carbs

Cutting carbs can help lessen your appetite and lose weight. It also helps reduce your water weight and its effects are almost instantaneous. It specifically helps reduce the fat around your belly and your organs and liver. This effect is caused by your body going into ketosis which kills your appetite and causes your body to burn fat as fuel. Cutting carbs can also help reduce your risk of diabetes and other diseases.

Eating More Protein

When trying to lose weight, eating more protein is often a good place to start. It can help reduce your food cravings, increase metabolism and help lessen your calorie intake. As a result, eating more protein and avoiding carbs and oils is a good way to lose belly fat.

Eat More Fibre

Eating more fibre, especially the soluble type can help slow down the movement of food through your intestines. This helps slow down the absorption and digestion of the food you eat and help prolong the feeling of being full and reduce your appetite. You can increase your intake of soluble fibre by eating more cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits.


Daily exercise can also help in burning unhealthy fat belly.
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