Foods To Avoid For A Proper Heart Health

Foods To Avoid For A Proper Heart Health

So many foods leads to heart disease, the number of deaths as a result of cardiovascular disease yearly is higher than ever. These cardiovascular diseases is often caused by high LDL and triglyceride concentration. 

To ensure proper heart health, it is necessary that you consume foods that help lower your cholesterol levels and avoid high-cholesterol foods that can cause inflammation and weight gain.

To help lower cholesterol, you don’t necessarily have to avoid all high cholesterol foods. You just have to learn to balance and moderate the foods you eat. Eat a combination of nutrient-dense foods that can fight inflammation while also avoiding harmful processed foods and alcohol.

There Are Foods To Avoid For A Proper Heart Health

1. Alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol can lead to increase in blood pressure and triglyceride levels. ironically, drinking little quantities of alcohol can lower your risk of these cardiovascular diseases.

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2. Cookies and Other Sugary Treats

Added sugars in foods are also a cause of obesity, some chronic diseases and cardiometabolic risk factors. The bulk of processed foods we consume contain added sugar in some form or another. Added sugar in foods like cookies, pastries, candies have been associated with an increase in LDL cholesterol, decreases in HDL cholesterol and higher triglyceride levels.

3. Refined Grain Products

Diets full of refined carbohydrates can negatively affect your cholesterol level. This is because these products have a high glycemic index which can lead to higher risks of having high cholesterol. Insteadof foods like pasta, white bread, eat high quality bread and fruits.

4. Potato Chips and Other Packaged Foods

With the rise in snacking also comes an increase in consumption of ultra-processed foods. This has in turn led to an increase in obesity rates and high cholesterol, which are both risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Avoid eating packaged foods like potato chips, fried foods, crackers and other unhealthy packaged foods.

5. Bacon and Other Processed Meats

Processed meats have commonly been associated with an increase in cardiovascular disease and stroke mortality. Eating processed meats can increase an increase in heart-related health issues. Lower your consumption of processed meats like salami, hot dogs, bologna, bacon and sausages. These processed meats are also often high in sodium.

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