Things that every woman should know how to do

Lady cooking and listening to music 

At present, the women have earned their place in the world and prove that they can do many things that were done only by men. There are things that every woman must know how to do, not out of obligation, but because it is important to them.

1. To cook

It may sound kinda funny, but that’s not the idea I want to get through. When I say that you should know how to cook, it is important.

This is one way to surprise him. John walks into the room and then sees that the whole atmosphere is filled with a lot of beautiful aroma from the lovely dishes you are making for him. To crown it all, you made his favorite dish. Then you are in no way getting anything less from him.

2. Use your intelligence, not your body!

Women are very smart and so you should use this to your advantage all the time. Its no use having a shapely body and not have content. The beauty attracts, but the essence is that achievement that last forever.

3. To know how to dress

Hit the choice of look is essential to succeed at all, either in work or personal life. You do not have to be an expert in fashion, just have the good sense of what you wear well and value the best of your body but without being vulgar.

The first impression is that it stays, so the appearance is very important, in fact a well-dressed woman attracts many looks to herself and in a positive way.

4. Be self-confident

Every woman needs to have confidence in herself, this brings innumerable benefits to life as a whole. And at the time of conquest is a very important factor, because the woman who can pass security is well seen by men and awakens the interesting of them.

5. To seduce

The women have many weapons of seduction, and need not be vulgar, can you let a mad man using some devices, such as behavior, how to act, look, finally things with intelligence work and a lot to get in your way? I bet you will find your way around.

6. Take the initiative

This is as a complement to the previous one, we should not always expect the cat to come to us, sometimes they are shy and end up taking no initiative. We should always make surprises.

So if you want the cat to go ahead, it’s okay to take a no, what matters is to try, what can not is lose the opportunity to be happy.

7. To have independence

Nothing is more better than freedom! So do not be dependent on others, if you want something go there and do, no matter what. An independent woman gets everything she wants.

8. Be ambitious

When I speak of ambition I speak in a general way, but in a positive way, in always wanting the best for oneself and not being content with anything or anyone.

9. Liking herself

Every woman needs you just the way you are. No matter what type of body, hair, social position, none of it matters.

Men like women, that do not alway notice that they have cellulite, stretch marks or extra fat the most. So no nonsense, accept yourself and love yourself for who you are!

10. Know how to express yourself

It is not enough for a woman to be beautiful, she must have her own opinion. Nothing worse than a person who does not know how to express himself, who says anything.

Express your opinion without fear of being happy, say what you like, what you do not like, talk and do not let yourself manipulate, this will show that you are a real woman.

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