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Wonder Woman Review

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The Most anticipated movie Wonder Woman which is directed by Party Jenkins is one of the most anticipated movies. It is expected to be released on the first of June in UK and second of June in North America.


Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) the princess of the Amazons spends her life on an exotic Island. The eventual arrival of Ares, the god of war makes her learn to defend and lead. She meets an American Military pilot Lone Steve (Chris Pine, the first man to be encountered) somehow winds her up.

She eventually lends a helping hand to the soldiers fighting the Germans in World War 1. The Princess feels her strength will be fully utilize at the war.

After getting to London she discovers the plan to release a deadly gas which can kill millions of people. Princess with Steve under the strict instruction goes to Belgium to stop the release of the weapon. On the battlefield, they treat her like a woman but no one can execute the tasks she performs.

The Wonder Woman finds it difficult to cope with where she finds herself because that will be the first time encounter with human beings. She is naive to a very large extent. The Americans she has the notion of being good people are bad because American Chief (Eugene Brave) explains that Americans murders his people.

She also finds it difficult to understand the barbaric nature of man which highlight the futility of war in a striking way.

Her naive perspective makes her not to comprehend the politics behind conflicts and having a blur line between good and evil.

Also, the specialty of the protagonist is seen from the perspective of blending the methodology with a severity of war. Doctor and General Erich do not pose more threat on the protagonist because her super power is nothing they can challenge.

The sense of adventure in the movies is different from other movies. Jenkins is able to capture what will appeal to established fans and new viewers. Some critics see the movie as the best DC movie since the ‘Dark Knight’.

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