6 Daily Habits That Causes Acne (Pimples)

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Most people believe that washing your face daily should be able to spare you from having acne. Which is true but there are some of out daily habits that make you prone to acne.

So here are 6 Daily habits that causes acne

1. Touching your face all the time

Making your hands busy on your face is a subconscious behavior but it can cause more harm on your skin. Touching your face with your hands transfer the bacteria to your skin causing acne and breakouts.

2. Applying wrong facial products

Your facial products may be hurting your face the whole time. Be very careful of pore clogging ingredients like isopropyl myristate, sodium lauryl sulphate in your products. It best to go for facial products that are labelled non-comedogenic.

3. Taking whey protein supplements

Whey protein can have the same effects on your skin as drinking too much milk as it triggers the release of insulin from the pancreas and that can activate the release of insulin from the pancreas and that can cause acne. It can cause acne on your back or chest.

4. Using a cell phone

Some bacteria can be hard and when you touch your phone to your skin, all those bacteria make their way to your skin which cause acne on your skin.

5. Sleeping on unwashed pillowcases

Your bed sheets accumulate fungi, bacteria, dust mites and dead skin cells which cause acne.

6. Skipping a post-workout shower

Your sweat can easily get trapped in your clothing causing acne. Make sure you hit the shower after working out.
6 Daily Habits That Causes Acne

Final Words

So the above are the 6 daily habits that causes acne, avoiding these things can help you prevent acne. In number, I'm not saying you should stop using cell phone, what I'm saying is that you should know how you handle your phone. 


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