Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Dry Lips

Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Dry Lips
Dry lips could be a condition whereby the lip region becomes dehydrated inflicting severe discomfort and, if not treated, pain. Dry lips will initiate to alternative issues, like rough and cracked lips, lip sores etc.

Teenagers find dry lips irritating and therefore look for ways to know the causes and how to prevent and treat it.

Below are the causes, treatment and causes of dry lips.

Causes of Dry Lips

There is no ultimate cause of dry lips. However one thing is absolutely clear; lips need moisture, and when they lose their moisture, which can happen easily, they will become dry. Why they lose moisture is for a number of reasons namely:

  1. Diet: Diet is perhaps the most important factor to prevent any disease or infection. A healthy person has a strong immunity and can repel most diseases and recover quickly from most infections. If your diet lacks vitamin C, vitamin B2, calcium deficiency and water, then you are a prime candidate for dry lips
  2. Habits: Over 55% of people in the world have the tendency to lick or bite their lips whenever they are working, or watching a movie, or simply hungry. This licking and biting is also the most common cause of dry lips, because it eradicates that essential layer of oil from your lips that is needed to keep them moisturized
  3. Cold Weather: Lips can go dry in cold weather due to loss of moisture in the atmosphere; it is one of the major causes of dry lips
  4. Environmental Factors: Some environments are very dry, such as deserts and generally cold areas. These can very easily cause the lips to go dry within seconds
  5. Medical Conditions: Sometimes, medical conditions and the medication being used to treat them can cause lips to go dry because they dehydrate the body.
  6. Interactions and Allergies: Particular drinks, such as sodas can also cause allergies around the lips and cause them to go dry. Spicy food can also cause dry lips; you can also be allergic to certain ingredients in your lipstick and toothpaste. You can also get dry lips due to contact with other objects, such as holding paper clips in your mouth, licking envelopes or kissing someone with a lipstick that contains an ingredient you are allergic to
  7. Strong sun with High Ultraviolet Light Levels: Some places have high UV rays piercing through the earth’s atmosphere towards our face. Lips are very delicate and soft, and they cannot tolerate high levels of UV exposure. People who are exposed to sun for longer periods of time usually get dry lips, the UV rays not only take away your moisture, but also can cause early wrinkles and signs of aging round your lips
  8. Strong Winds: Strong and dusty winds can cause the lips to go dry
  9. Air with a Low Humidity: With low humidity comes low moisture, and low moisture in the air can lead to dry lips

Prevention Of Dry Lips 

To prevent dry lips, you may:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Water is essential for your body to work properly, and it also is the key to keeping your lips moist and luscious.
  2. Apply a Coat of Almond Oil When in Dry Climate: Your lips have a thin layer of oil, which is not enough to combat the toughest of climates; hence an artificially applied layer of Almond oil is the way to go to give the lips that extra layer of protection
Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Dry Lips

Treatment For Dry Lips

Protect: When already dry, try applying olive oil on the lips. Olive oil has a special moisturizing ability that helps in bringing back moisture to your lips. It will also prevent your lips from enduring any further damage from winds and dry weather

  1. Soothe: Apply lip balm on your lips frequently throughout the day whenever you get time. This will soothe away the pain that dry lips are sometimes accompanied with.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Your body gets its moisture from the water you drink, so it is only fair that your lips do the same. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to ensure moisture reaches your lips. If you workout, then drink 12 glasses of water every day because you need more to cover up for all the lost moisture during your workout.
  3. Take Your Vitamins: Eating healthy, like fruits and vegetables, can help you resolve and prevent dry lips because fresh produce contains all the essential vitamins, which your body requires to ensure that moisture reaches all parts of your body adequately, including your lips.
  4. Don’t Lick Your Lips: Licking your lips will cause the essential layer of oil from your lips to wash away, giving way to all the moisture that was locked in by that layer of oil to evaporate in the air.
  5. Exfoliate: Take a toothbrush, apply lip balm on it and rub it softly on your lips in a motion, which is circular, to rub of dead skin cells from your lips. Do this for 2 minutes. Apply lip balm after brushing your lips.
  6. Avoid allergens: Allergens require an increased water intake, which most people ignore to take, so it’s best to avoid them while you have dry lips.
  7. Wear Lipstick: Lipstick will also protect your lips from all the harmful effects of air to ensure moisture stays locked in and heals the dry damaged lips. But, for this you need to have a lipstick of good quality that has all the necessary ingredients, such as sun block for your lips


Lips are one of the most prominent features of your face. Therefore, it is essential that we keep your lips from going dry or treat them as quickly as possible. By drinking enough water, eating healthy food, and avoiding bad habits, such as licking your lips, you can ensure that you always have supple, healthy lips.

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