How to Reduce Stubborn Belly and Thigh Fat

How to Reduce Stubborn Belly and Thigh Fat
A large variety of individuals across the world suffer from unwanted fat deposits on varied components of the body like hips, thighs, belly and other areas, These fat deposits not solely affects one’s look however one's self esteem. If you struggle with unwanted fat and looking forward to reducing these deposits, then the information given below can certainly be of help to you.


No matter whether or not you're fat, having a haul of fat deposits on varied body components, plagued by diseases or the other issue, exercise is that the keyword. Regular and high impact exercise affects the subcutaneous fat, that is present below the skin and liable for the fat deposit on areas like thighs and abdomen.

Thus, if you exercise targeting specific areas of belly and thighs like skater’s lunge, standing fly, crunches and others you'll be able to expect sensible results over an amount of time.


Along with regular exercise, you need to be very specific with your diet in order to lose fat from thighs and belly areas. By dieting here, we do not mean starving but taking a correct type of nutritious food. Have well balanced and small frequent meals. Calculate your calorie requirements as per your weight and BMI. Include lots of protein in your diet and limit the intake of processed, fried and food containing lots of fat. A low glycaemic nutrition diet is helpful in reducing stubborn belly fat. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will hydrate and cleanse the system, make one feel fuller and can help diminish fat.

If diet and exercise don't seem to be providing the required results then you'll be able to pick surgical means to reduce stubborn fat from belly and thigh areas. a number of the common surgical procedures opted by folks embrace liposuction, body lifting, thigh lifting, tummy tuck and others.

If you are planning to get any of these surgeries done to make sure to select a good and reputed doctor as these are costly procedures and also involves risk.


There is an outsized range of product obtainable within the market like machines and belts that claim to cut back the fat deposit from specific areas like arms, butts, thighs, belly, and others. One such latest product is the Cool Shapes® System by FreezeAwayFat, that is incredibly effective. Cool Shapes® work by using the science-based cold therapy method, which by recent studies helps to shrink and makes the fat cells die.

The product comes in the form of compression shorts along with gel inserts which when worn starts working on the problematic areas of belly and thighs and it's cold therapy helps in reducing the fat cells. You just need to wear this garment for around 30 minutes a day and there will be visible results very soon. The Cool Shapes contouring apparel activates the brown fat, which is responsible for burning more calories, and thus they help to reduce the white fat deposits. Thus, this product can be considered as one of the effective and easy slimming solution.

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