7 Best Anti-Ageing Foods You Should Consider Adding to Your Meals

This is a guest post courtesy of Enoch Amen, the Founder and Owner of Bold Nerds in Accra, Ghana7 Best Anti-Ageing Foods You Should Consider Adding to Your Meals

Eventually, everyone will grow at a point in time. Sooner or later, our skin will begin wrinkling and our strength may reduce as well. Nevertheless, through science and healthy eaten aging and wrinkles can be combated.

If you’re reading this now, you’re a step closer to feeling younger and looking younger. In fact, with time you’ll see several positive changes as anti-aging foods do not only health combat wrinkles and other aging symptoms but could also do amazing things for your body and general wellbeing.

There are several foods that can reduce aging and can also strengthen bones and vision among adults or the aged. Here’s a list of 7 best anti-aging foods that can slow the aging process.

Top Anti-aging Foods You Should Be Eating.


Vitamin A and carotenoids in beets are good for the skin. Beets also contain lutein which is effective in fighting wrinkles. The benefits of beetroot are overwhelming. Antioxidants in beetroot also protect the skin by neutralizing free radicals.


Nuts may have the ability to slow ageing as shown in a recent study. (1) Tiger nuts for example have been used to aid in solving many health complications. Nuts are said to boost blood flow which reduces heart diseases.


Spinach is a good source of vitamin c for skin health. They also contain irons and vitamin A which keeps skin tissues healthy. Spinach is also rich in antioxidants which helps to promote young and healthy skin.

Dark Chocolate:

My list will be incomplete without chocolate and when I say chocolate, I mean dark chocolates. Dark chocolates maintain skin elasticity and also prevent wrinkles. I haven’t met anyone who dislikes chocolate so I’d conclude that these are the easiest to eats.


Cucumber contains 96% water which helps to keep the skin hydrated. It replenishes the skin and helps reduce dark circles. Other benefits of cumber are for controlling diabetes and blood sugar as well as fighting wrinkles.


Garlic has been linked with many health benefits, like prevention of heart attack and for easy blood flow. Garlic has an anti-aging property which protects the skin from wrinkling.


Avocados are rich in nutrients. They contain fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that helps to hinder the negative effects of aging. Avocado promotes a healthy heart and helps to keep you looking fresh and young.

Final thoughts on anti-aging foods.

Although the above listed foods are to fight ageing, they also come with extra benefits which improves your health and not only how you look. Below are pinpoints of these additional benefits for consuming anti-ageing foods.

  • Improves bone health
  • Protects vision
  • Protects the skin
  • Lower the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases
  • Helps prevent chronic diseases

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