Download Nerdy Rockson Official Android App With Amazing Features

Download Nerdy Rockson Official Android App With Amazing Features

I am very happy to officially launch our official Android app today. I took my time to create this Android app officially for this blog for my blog. This app is easy to use and understand. It has some amazing features which includes;

THEMES: There are only three themes to choose from, which are: Dark theme, White theme and Green theme. You can choose the one you like.

Nerdy Rockson - Home: You can browse in the app without opening your phone browser like opera, chrome, Mozilla or uc web instead this app is loaded with that feature.

Just Posted: You can access our feeds and updates like latest updates of our post through the app without browsing our blog for updates. You can also Tap and Hold a post in the Recent Updates page and Toggle Star it to read later, just as bookmarking the post. You can see your Starred posts in Starred Posts.

SETTINGS: The settings are OK and easy to understand.

Why Should I Download Nerdy Rockson app?

The answer is simple, with the app you can read articles even without data or turning on your Wi-Fi. You'll be notified anytime there's a new post on which means you don't have to open your browser before you can our latest article. The app is free and fast. No bug and it doesn't slow your phone.

So without waiting too much of your time, kindly download and install our app from HERE

Don't forget to hit the share button to share it to your friends. If you have any question, kindly let use know via comment.

I thrive on obstacles. If I'm told that it can't be done, then I push harder.

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