4 Easy Steps to Avoid Procrastination When Working From Home

4 Easy Steps to Avoid Procrastination When Working From Home
One of the best perks of working from home is location independence. When I began to work as freelancer, it changed the way I live and my routine. However, working online is not as easy as you think. For the most part, the obstacle is always procrastinating when working from home.

Here are 4 steps to avoid procrastination when working from home:

1. Set-Up A Home Office

steps to avoid procrastination Home office

It’s really hard to work at the comfort of your home knowing that your bed or couch is just a few steps away. Setting up your home office is the first thing you need to do to avoid procrastination.

2. Install Productivity Softwares To Keep On Track

steps to avoid procrastination Productivity software

Working from home can sometimes mean working alone with no human interaction and no other people that can help you with your tasks. Installing productivity softwares will help remind you in your daily tasks.

3. Write Down Your Tasks, Set Priorities

steps to avoid procrastination priorities

Keep yourself from being crowded with so many work all at the same time. In most cases, too many tasks can also cause you to procrastinate. Being overloaded with tasks can cause us to be overwhelmed and instead of working on it right away, we procrastinate by thinking too much on what to do first. We eventually end up finding ourselves achieving nothing.

Set your priorities and start working on them one by one, more importantly, set priorities. Setting a deadline for each task is a great help.

4. Motivate Yourself With Rewards

steps to avoid procrastination motivate yourself

Rewards are something you give to others or yourself after achieving something. Treat your self to the movies or to the spa after ticking off everything from your to-do list. Having something to look forward to while working is a good way to motivate yourself to finish tasks on time.

Working from home means that you control your time, therefore you control your productivity. When I started freelancing about 3 years ago, it was really difficult for me to keep motivated on a daily basis. Setting goals and milestones helped me to keep up with my deadlines.

If you have a routine when working from home and that has been effective for you in avoiding procrastination, comment it below. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Awesome ideas you have there Nerdy..Thanks for sharing. I need these badly as until now I am still overwhelmed as to what task to finish first--my home tasks, or my blog tasks. At the end I just feel sory for myself not having done any single task, especially if you are attracted to checking your accounts on the internet like your Fb, your Twitter, your IG, Google, Tumbler and other accounts.
    If I may add, its good if you stop temporarily your network data, or any gadgets connecting to the internet and just focus on your task like writing especially.

  2. Awesome ideas you have there Nerdy! ���� Thanks for sharing. I need these badly as until now, I still feel overwhelmed about which task to finish first--my home tasks as a single mom, or my blog tasks?
    If I may add, maybe we should see to it all gadgets connecting to the internet must be switched off because we always have the tendency to check our accounts like Fb, Twitter, IG, Tumbler, and we still end doing nothing but being sorry for ourselves.��

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