[SPONSORED] NairaSport Publishers Program

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[SPONSORED] NairaSport Publishers Program

NairaSport Publishers Program
Earn real income into your bank account monthly by contributing topics, making comments on topics, sharing topics on Facebook or Twitter or referring people to join the Nairasport Forum discussion board. NairaSport publishers program is the easiest way to make real income monthly from home.

How You Earn on NairaSport Forum​

1.) Referral Program: The NairaSport publisher’s referral program has made it very easy for every member to receive cash bonus for referring their friends and relatives. You are paid ₦1,000.00 for referring a publisher. Assuming you Invite 10 People daily, that will be ₦10,000.00 daily and ₦300,000.00 monthly and ₦3,600,000.00 annually Just by Inviting your friend.

2.) Creating Topics: You are paid ₦5.00 Per topic. If you creates 20 topics daily by just going to some blogs and copy Latest sport News, or you've any tangible sport information to share with others and they all posted very well that will be ₦100.00 daily and ₦3,000.00 monthly and ₦36,000.00 annually just creating topics on Nairasport Forum.

Note: You make sure you create a good contents if your topics marked spam, Earnings on that topics will be deducted.

3.) Impressions on Topics Created: You get a cash credit of ₦0.20 for every valid Impressions on topics you created. Assuming you Created 10 topics daily, And each of the topics was view 100 times Making 1000 Views together, that will be ₦200.00 daily and ₦6,000.00 monthly and ₦72,000.00 annually.
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4.) Sharing Topics on Social Media: You get paid for sharing topics on Nairasport Forum on facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, linkedin etc. You get a cash credit of ₦0.30 for every valid click, which means ₦300.00 for every valid 1000 clicks received on the link you shared on social media. Assuming you share 10 topics daily on your Social Media account and 100 of your friends on both whatsApp and other social Media clicks on each topics, that will be ₦300.00 daily and ₦9,000.00 monthly and ₦108,000.00 annually just sharing topics to your friends on facebook and other social media platform.

5.) Commenting and Contributing: You get paid for when your posts or article get the highest comments and share in a month. We pay you ₦1,000.00 for having highest comments and engagement on your posts.

Note: Impressions only generated whenever any topics you created was viewed, It different from clicks but they work together, Clicks only generated whenever you used the share button on any topics on the forum it might not even be your own topics, but when you share it out and people click it you earned. Also, if You created a topics and you also used share button to share it out and it was clicked 1000times, definitely 1000impressions would be generated, because those that click the link will view the topics so that means, on that your own topics you get a cash credit of ₦500.00. Assuming you Created 3 topics daily and you used share button to share them out yourself, and they all clicked 1000 times means you'll also get 1000impressions. Automatically, that will be ₦1,500.00 daily and ₦45,000.00 monthly and ₦540,000.00 annually.

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How You Earn on Nairasport Forum

All monthly payout is handles by NSF ONLINE ADVERTISING PLATFORM on behalf of NairaSport Forum to ensure prompt payments for all publishers. NSF ONLINE ADVERTISING PLATFORM makes payout to all publishers once every month provided that the publisher earns up to the payout threshold of ₦5,000.00. Once you reach payment threshold go to your Ewallet to make a Withdrawal Request. Payout date is 5th of every month. You can receive your payout through direct bank transfers, Western Union, etc. You can always arrange a payout method that is convenient for you.

How to Get Started On Nigeria Student Forum

Every member of the NairaSport Forum is by default a FREE user and doesn't earn from the NairaSport Forum publishers program. To become a publisher and start earning real cash into your bank account, simply go to your profile area and click on the BECOME A PUBLISHER. You'll be charge ₦2,000.00 to be part of the NairaSport Forum program. This measure is taken to avoid automated signups.

Thank you.

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