Easily Digitize Your Documents With This App

Easily Digitize Your Documents With This App
If you are a business person that does much administrative work or simply deals with a lot of documents on a regular basis, then you've probably heard about document conversions. There is a greater chance that at some point in time you even used document conversion software for business purposes or maybe you already use it regularly.

Document conversion programs are great, they will help you convert one file format to another, it's as simple as that. Since most of the shared documents are in PDF, there are plenty of programs and apps that convert PDFs to other file types. The problem may occur when trying to convert other file types since they are not popular as PDFs.

One of the hardest conversions to perform is Image to Word conversion. This is mostly because you are basically taking a picture, extracting text from it and putting it into an editable file format like Microsoft Word. There are desktop programs that do such conversions, but most of the time they end up being too expensive for the occasional users. The other disadvantage with desktop programs lies in the fact that they're not flexible, meaning that you are tied up to your desktop workstation.

Mobile apps are the solution for all of the previously mentioned problems. Well, more precisely Image to Word Converter app. It is completely free to use, has a user-friendly interface, provides excellent conversion results and you are able to use it wherever you are since it lives on your smartphone which is always with you. Here are some of the apps most notable features:

- Built-in powerful document scanner with a top of the line OCR engine
- No limits on the file size and the number of files you can convert
- Possibility to convert screenshots as well
- The easy document sharing feature
- Supports most popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box, and others

The app can be used to convert pictures of reports, invoices, contracts to editable MS Word formats which will end up saving you a lot of time since there is no need to manually retype the documents. It can also be used while cooking, for instance, to save your favorite recipes in a digital and editable form. Furthermore, students could use it to make their study materials editable so they would be able to add comments and notes.

We earlier said that the app is extremely easy to use, despite all of that, we decided to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to convert images to editable Word format.

Step 1:
Download and install the Image to Word Converter app.

Step 2:
Once the installation is complete, open the app and select the file you would like to convert. You can choose files from your phone gallery, Gmail attachments or from supported cloud services that we previously mentioned.

Another option is to use apps' built-in document scanner to quickly scan and convert photo. Our advice is to scan documents on a flat surface and try and capture them without any visible background.
Step 3:
If the image is not taken correctly, you have an option to quickly rotate or crop it. Once that is complete, simply tap on the "Convert" button and proceed to the final step.
Step 4:
Wait for the conversion to complete, and afterwards open that freshly converted file in the text editing app of your choice and start editing it. That's it! It only took 4 easy steps and a couple minutes of your time.
We would recommend this app to everyone since it can make your life so much easier, it can be used in various situations and basically you never know when you will need it but, believe us, you will definitely need it at some point.

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