100 Fun Ways to Build Self Confidence

100 Fun Ways to Build Self Confidence

100 Fun Ways to Build Self Confidence (For Women) offers ideas on how to be confident in your everyday life. Please read it before your next job interview, your first date or your final exam. Whether you are a mother, daughter, wife, sister, niece or grandmother (or you have a mother, daughter, wife, sister, niece or grandmother), Confidence is the key to success and making your wildest dreams come true!

The goal of 100 Fun Ways to Build Self Confidence is NOT to offer sophisticated strategies, but easy ways women can practice being confident by merely trying one idea a day or even weekly. You don’t have to try all the ideas at once, pick one until you master it and then move on to another if that is your pace. Refer to the ideas often enough so, after a while, what you have tried becomes second nature, and your Confidence will continue to rise.

Write down the ideas you’ve tried. How have they worked for you? What would you change? Add your own ideas about Building Self Confidence. Looking back to your own Confidence, WINS is a great way to Build Self Confidence.

100 Fun Ways to Build Self Confidence

1. Smile at everyone you see for an entire day! You can’t help feeling happy and confident when you smile!

2. Buy something new for yourself today!

3. Get a manicure and pedicure! Pamper yourself!

4. Make sure to put on your lip gloss before you leave the house.

5. Buy a journal and make sure you write in it! Writing allows you to express your deepest feelings and relieves stress.

6. Wash your car inside and out! It will run better, and you will feel better!

7. If you can, take a mid-day nap. By tuning out for a little bit, you will come back more rested and confident about the second half of your day!

8. Read a new book of your choice!

9. Try a new nail polish colour! GO BOLD! Your hands are noticed more than you would think.

10. Listen to a podcast. Learn something while driving.

11. Pay off a credit card! Your Confidence will soar!

12. Get a new haircut!

13. Buy your co-worker lunch.

14. Send your mother a card! She will be surprised when it shows up, and you will feel good inside.

15. Try a new style for a day! Wear something you would usually never wear!

16. Make a delicious meal for your family! Ask your children what they want!

17. Be open to trying new food! Try something from a different culture!

18. Listen to your favourite Music!
Make it something upbeat and sing-a-long!

19. Put money into your savings account! If you don’t have savings, START ONE!

20. Wear your best fitting pair of jeans! Feel Sexy!

21. Set goals!
3 mos. 6 mos. 1 yr. 5 yr. 10 yr.

22. Exercise 4-5 x Week!

23. Take care of your skin! Physical appearance isn’t everything but looking good (to yourself) does play an essential role in your confidence.

24. Allow yourself 15 minutes of quiet time a day. Your mind will relax, and you will be more energized!

25. Keep a food log for one week and practice better-eating habits!
Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.

26. Walk fast! You will feel important!

27. Confidence shines when you have a positive attitude!

28. Create a budget! You will feel more confident about your financial future.

29. Surround yourself with people who have MORE (financially, emotionally, mentally) than you! See where you want to be! Please don’t be jealous; it’s about GROWTH!

30. Start a new hobby! Take up knitting, running or art!

31. Hang around people who have confidence! It will rub off on you!

32. Travel-Even if it is just for a WEEKEND GET-A-AWAY!

33. Play games! Board games and Video games can exercise your mind and confident friendly competition never hurts!

34. Learn to garden! You will be one with nature and create a fantastic masterpiece!

35. Carry your favourite purse; Have you ever noticed when you have your best bag you feel great?

36. Flirt! I’m serious! I didn’t say marry the man! Just flirt! It makes you feel womanly and feminine!

37. Change the shade of your eye shadow.
Change is good, and you will feel like a new woman.

38. Paint a room in your apartment or house!
Your attitude will spark, and you will feel accomplished!
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A quick success story from one of our readers:

I spent so much time in my life, wishing I had long hair. Years ago, when I was complaining about my hair, this co-worker of mine said to me in her very thick Asian accent, “God has given you everything you need.”
Recently I recalled that conversation and decided that she was absolutely right. God has given me everything I need. My hair is enough. My hair is actually quite beautiful. Ever since then, I’ve been getting everything I ever wanted and stopped letting the silly thought that my hair was too short get in the way of my goals.
So whatever your silly thought is, let it go and remember “God has given you everything you need”. Thank HIM for it and go accomplish all your goals. Enjoy your life.
Love, Charlene

39. Write affirmations. Always include I AM CONFIDENT!

40. Tell a joke! Laughter is the best way to cheer your spirits and make you feel better throughout the day!

41. Speak in Public! Nothing can make you feel more confident than knowing you have something to say!

42. Set boundaries! In relationships with men, women or friends setting boundaries allows you to maintain your values. Set standards and stay focused on what is important to you!

43. Trust your woman’s intuition! You have it for a reason, use it and stop doubting yourself!

44. Attend a networking function. You learn from others.
What can you offer to the group?
Who knows you might have a skill someone else has been looking for!

45. Be a leader! Step out from the crowd! Your new role will make you feel empowered and self-confident!

46. Resist the temptation to compare yourself to others! You are enough!

47. Look at the areas you are active in!
What are your strengths?
How can they overcome your weaknesses?

48. Make a plan and stick with it! Follow through! A completion is a great form of flattery!

49. Give Back!! The more you give, the more you receive!

50. Put on a suit! Maybe you already have a POWER suit!
As long as you’re going to think anyway, think big.

51. Sing! Even if it is just in the shower.
You will feel like a million bucks after belting your best tune!

52. Do something you’ve been afraid to do!
How awesome will it be when you conquer your fear! For today…Be Unafraid.

53. Go to your place of spiritual comfort.
Meditation or Prayer.

54. Drink water! Water makes you feel refreshed, and it rejuvenates your body and soul.

55. Make a daily to-do list.
If you don’t complete it today, no worries. You have some great goals for tomorrow.

56. Clear out your cell phone voicemail. Delete old messages and return your calls. This will help clear your mind and keep you organized.

57. Clean your office. Eliminating clutter will make you feel better about your workspace, and you will be more productive and confident.

58. Remind yourself of your dreams! Take some time to daydream about where you imagine yourself in 5 years!

59. Buy a new plant! For some reason we like plants!
Moreover, when we talk to them, we feel even better.
You don’t have to have a green thumb. Get a cactus.
It will still add life to your environment!

60. Put on a wig or try hair extensions! You will feel like a new and different woman!

61. Plan your meals for the week! You will feel more control over your diet and more confident about your food choices.

62. Take care of your teeth! This one sounds crazy, but it works!
A beautiful bright smile will make you feel more confident!

63. Watch your favourite movie. Not a tear-jerker, but your favourite feel-good movie of all times!

64. Just for today…Live for this day only!

65. Act like you’re confident! Fake it ‘til you make it! You might even convince yourself!

66. Call an old friend. Talking to childhood pals will give you renewed energy and confidence.

67. Stand up straight!
Your body language says a lot about your confidence.

68. Be agreeable! You don’t have to be a push-over to be in a good mood!
This will be good for you and the people you come in contact with.

69. Buy a lottery ticket! JUST ONE!
It’s the anticipation of possibilities…that feels good!

70. Adjust to what is. Be Present.

71. SLEEP! Getting enough sleep is an important part of your happiness!
You can’t feel confident when you are tired!

72. Celebrate at least one WIN every day!

73. See your challenges as opportunities!

74. Accept Compliments!
Take them gladly, nicely and calmly!
Also, respond with sincerity!

75. Pet an animal! If you don’t have one, be nice to someone else’s!
Animals give us so much high energy. If you love animals, you can’t help but feel confident when you cuddle one!
Make up your mind to be happy. Learn to find pleasure in simple things.

76. Think outside the box! Creativity produces Confidence!

77. Take control of your health.
A healthy you is a more confident you!

78. Have an opinion.
Know what you think, even if you don’t voice it.

79. Be prepared and stay ready. As they say…
Stay Ready, so you don’t have to Get Ready!

80. Write a book! Even if this is a stretch goal!
It’s a really fun way to boost your confidence and share your story or knowledge!

81. Go on a trip! Solo! All by yourself!

82. Forgive others…This helps you move forward.

83. Start your own group.
Maybe a book or cooking club or a walking group.

84. Be Thankful! Appreciate the things you have!

85. If there is something you have always wanted to do-START TODAY!
100 Fun Ways to Build Self Confidence
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86. Have Hope.

87. Teach someone else a new skill. This will enforce what you know and build confidence.

88. Admit your mistakes and learn from them.

89. Expect a miracle!

90. Change your thoughts and think CONFIDENCE!

91. Exercise Courage. Courage builds confidence one day at a time.

92. Test drive your favourite car! Be careful, but see what it feels like behind the wheel of your dream car!

93. Embrace Change.

94. Learn a new word today or even once a week!

95. Discover your (hidden) talent!

96. Fix something!
As women, you feel really good when you challenge yourself to do something mechanical, and then it works when we are finished!

97. Learn a new language!

98. Offer service to a complete stranger!

99. Stop Self Criticism.
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

100. Never stop at 100 (100% that is). Keep going! And don’t stop there….
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