International Hyperbaric Medical Foundations Discuss the Effect of HBOT on Sporting Injuries

International Hyperbaric Medical Foundations Discuss the Effect of HBOT on Sporting Injuries

For years, the international hyperbaric community has been analyzing the effects of HBOT on athletic and sporting injuries. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also known as HBOT, is a type of alternative medical treatment that is often prescribed by doctors for various types of sporting injuries such as ligament tears, musculoskeletal injuries, cartilage damage, etc.

And while the use of HBOT for certain types of athletic injuries is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are some other injuries for which the use of hyperbaric treatment is yet to be approved. This is a major problem, as the lack of FDA approval means that hyperbaric therapy is unavailable to many athletes and sportsmen who need it badly.

As a result, the international hyperbaric medical foundation, and the hyperbaric community, in general, is campaigning to gain FDA approval for the use of hyperbaric therapy for all relevant sporting injuries. Such approval once gained, could have a major impact on the lives of sportspersons living in the US (or those who are US citizens). This is because FDA approval will make hyperbaric oxygen therapy much easier (and cheaper) to avail in the country.

The Role of HBOT in Treating Athletic Injuries

In recent years, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has gained much popularity among sportspersons and athletes across the country and beyond. Well-known athletes competing in various different types of sports have made use of hyperbaric therapy to recover quickly and enhance their performance on the field. There are many ways in which hyperbaric therapy can help athletes who are suffering from a sporting injury of some kind.

To begin with, HBOT works by increasing the supply of pure oxygen in the body of the athlete. In order to avail of the therapy, the sports-person in question must enter a sealed metallic vessel known as the hyperbaric chamber. Inside this vessel, the athlete breathes in 100 percent pure oxygen under heightened atmospheric pressure levels for anywhere between sixty and ninety minutes a session.

This process increases the supply of oxygen in the athlete's system, allowing the oxygen to dissolve quickly with the bodily fluids under the heightened air pressure. The cerebrospinal fluid and blood plasma then carry the excess oxygen to all parts of the body. As a result, even the parts of the body that had been deprived of sufficient oxygen supply for so long, due to injured blood vessels, now have access to adequate amounts of oxygen.

Researchers have long been aware that oxygen facilitates tissue regeneration and reduces the impact of free radicals. It also helps manufacture hormones and proteins while decreasing oxidative stress. As a result, the availability of greater quantities of oxygen enables faster recovery of athletes and sportspersons.

This can often enable them to spend less time recuperating from sporting injuries, which can keep them off the field and lower their chances of career advancement. Competitive athletes always need to be in peak physical condition in order to grow and move forward in their careers.

However, sporting injuries are quite common and one of the major risks of the job, as most professional athletes know well. Such injuries can cause a lot of damage in their career, preventing them from practicing and participating in sporting events that might mean a great deal for them professionally. A shorter recovery period can do wonders for the careers for many professional athletes and sportspersons, allowing them to play more games and take bigger risks.

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

The many benefits of hyperbaric therapy, particularly those that affect the sporting performance of athletes, have ensured that this alternative treatment option has gained great popularity among sportspersons. Some of the most successful athletes in the United States now make use of portable hyperbaric chambers, which they can carry with them wherever they are on tour or traveling for their job.

Regular HBOT sessions allow them to stay in peak condition and recover quickly from any minor injuries that they might sustain during the game. It reduces the number of games that they have to miss due to sporting injuries, thus providing a boost to their career. As a result, for individual sportsmen as well as the athletic community in general, it is very important that they are allowed to have easy (and affordable) access to this alternative treatment option known as HBOT.

The international hyperbaric medical foundation has worked tirelessly to turn this dream into a reality and continues to do so with every passing year. With FDA approval for the use of HBOT for athletic injuries, sportspersons will be able to easily avail of this treatment at a hospital or hyperbaric clinic, with the cost being covered by their insurance policy. The lack of insurance coverage, which has made this career-saving treatment inaccessible for many emerging athletes, is one of the major problems that the international hyperbaric medical foundation is campaigning to solve.

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