Top 5 Best iTunes Alternatives to Try Today

Top 5 Best iTunes Alternatives to Try Today

iTunes- platform millions of people, resort to satisfy their insatiate appetite for music. Everyone reading this will agree that music is an instant mood changer.

At least for me, music works wonders. My subscription to Spectrum TV packages and iTunes is what I can live on for the rest of my life. Sorry for the exaggeration. But hey, I found a couple of alternatives to iTunes as well.

Here are platforms you can resort to if you are planning to switch from iTunes:


This is a digital media player that runs smoothly on the iPhone as well. It also happens to be the best alternative to iTunes. Let me assure you that you won’t feel like switching to iTunes if you install the MediaMonkey app. The platform was created for Windows. At first, one could only play and organize audio using this platform. However, now, one can also handle video and other types of media platforms using MediaMonkey.

It uses the freemium model. This implies that the users will get access to the most basic features for free. However, if they wish to unlock any more features, they will have to pay a fee to use them. Some of the features available on the paid version include:
  1. Enabling users to have multiple media collections.
  2. Automatic organization of files.


If you are not looking for a cheap alternative, then WALTR 2 should be your choice. You won’t regret paying the hefty amount that the app comes at. What makes this software a favorite is a convenience with which the users can use it. It gives the ability to the users to connect their mobile devices through Wi-Fi or even cables. In case you are afraid that the Wi-Fi won’t be a speedy option, then let it be known to you that WALTR 2’s Wi-Fi is as fast as iPhone’s AirDrop option.

Even the heaviest of videos take seconds when one tries to transfer them from Mac to iPhone. There is no restriction as to the types of files that WALTR 2 can transfer. WALTR 2 is also smart enough to detect any of your files, whether music or an audiobook and push them to the native Apple app. Hence, making things convenient for users.


If you are lazy and do not wish to manage files and only listen to music, MusicBee is the right option for you. It is very easy to use platform that aids the users to not just manage but find and play the music files on the computer as well. Syncing of music between Windows PC as well as iOS devices is easy.

The features offered do not come to an end here. You can also sync MusicBee with podcasts, and web-radio stations. Once you decide to use the software, you will get access to a lot of features. The best part about MusicBee is that it is fun to use, has an easy to navigate interface and offers you a buffet of features.

WinX Media Trans

In case you are a Windows user and are hunting for an alternative for iTunes, consider WinX Media Trans. The software makes it easy for you to transfer music, videos, and photos along with other files between your computer and iPhone as well as your iPad. Some of the unique features that you will relish using include:
  1. Automatic photo backup
  2. Music management
  3. Video transfer
  4. Ringtone maker
  5. Book organizer
It also allows users to encrypt photos and video libraries. An easy to use interface makes it a preferable choice among many people. All you need to do is install the app or software, connect it to your mobile and leave the rest on WinX Media Trans.

DearMob iPhone Manager

This is your one-stop-shop for all your iPhone music-related needs. The platform allows you to manage your media files to later transfer them between your desktop and iOS devices. It also allows you to encrypt data so that you can protect it. Apart from that, you may enjoy the following features:
  1. Creation of automatic backups
  2. Managing and deleting pictures
  3. Managing albums
  4. Preview HEIC photos
It’s been a long time since I last used iTunes. My personal favorite on the list is MediaMonkey. On days when I am not in a mood to interact with anyone, constant Spectrum Internet availability in my area and MediaMonkey help me make it through the day.

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