10 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for Stylish Gentlemen

10 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for Stylish Gentlemen

Picking a Christmas gift for men is maybe not difficult, but when you want to get a stylish gift for a gentleman, things may get serious really quick. In many cases, you have to know them to be able to decide, but we have some suggestions that will be perfect for every man. Starting from jewelry, technology, books, clothes, and many other items, we are sure you will find something to fit your needs.

Men's bags

Men too, need multiple types of bags for many different occasions. Work, gym, travel, and everyday life, especially for those who like to follow the trends, and look stylish. Examine his needs and lifestyle to choose which bag to get. If he is active and doesn't like men's bags in general, a good substitute is to get him a backpack, either leather for a fancier look or other fabrics for casual outfits. Travel bags for long weekends are also a good choice, just make sure they are the right size, and that they are practical and durable. If fashion is his number one priority, tote bags or cross body bags are the choices for him. Choose simple designs and monochrome ones to be sure it will go with most of his outfits.


The ultimate, timeless gift for any gentleman is most definitely a watch. It makes any outfit more trendy, elegant, and it is no wonder why it is often the only accessory men love. For a stylish look, we would recommend quality automatic watches, which will look classy and manly. You can go for a leather or metal bend depending on what style he likes. For a man who is not afraid to experiment, gold colour and details in the case are an option. But for a more classic look, black, brown, or navy blue are the safe choices.

Grooming kits

Grooming kits
For a few years now, huge trends are well-groomed beards and nice hairstyles with a retro vibe. Regardless of what your men's style is, chances are he needs products to keep everything neat and clean. Haircare and beard kits are an amazing gift you can get, or even create on your own, especially if you buy them during no-shave November. Wax, sprays, combs, brushes, scissors, creams, oils, and aftershaves are some of the items you can look for. They often have very cool packaging, wooden details, and prints to complete the whole gift, so we are sure he will love it.

His favourite beverage

It may sound like a cliché, but men really do enjoy a glass of their favourite alcoholic beverage, and the best part is that they don't often buy it for themselves, so you can surprise him with a bottle. You can go for an old scotch, vodka, or even a bottle of wine if you know what he likes. Another interesting option is getting him craft beers from different parts of the world. As a part of the Christmas gift, make a guy's night out with beers, his favourite food, and maybe a game, and it will blow his mind.


If your man is active, or he simply likes listening to music on his daily commute, why not get him AirPods with wireless charging case. They are easy to use and connect to any device, practical to travel with, and he can charge them simply by putting them in the case, so he will always have them ready for use.

Winter essentials

Winter essentials
A perfect Christmas and winter gift are gloves, a hat, and a scarf. It will keep him warm during the cold days, plus it will complete any look, especially if you get them in a set. Choose bold, neutral colours because it is easier to style them. If you really want to go all out, choose wool, or cashmere. If it fits his style more, opt for baseball hats, ivy caps, or berets.


One of the few accessories men wear are sunglasses, so you can surprise him with a pair of quality ones he can even wear during the winter, especially if he goes to a mountain vacation. Aviators, wayfarer, square-shaped, are just some of the designs to look for. Check his face shape, and decide according to that if you are not sure what he likes.


Men love their perfumes! It's one of the things that completes their attitude and style, so while it may sound like a cliché gift, it really is timeless. The safest choice is to get the one he already loves and uses, but if you want to try something new, look for the best men's perfumes online, and then check them out at the local perfume store. Make sure you know whether he likes citrus, fresh, tobacco, or wood scents, and choose accordingly.
Christmas gifts for a stylish gentleman should be reminiscent of his style and make him even more classy, and trendy, which is why we have created this list of basic items every such man would like to have.

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