5 Credit Card Gift Boxes Issues and How to Solve Them

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5 Credit Card Gift Boxes Issues and How to Solve Them

Credit card gift boxes are a promotional medium that needs proper branding with custom boxes that have a unique appearance, perfect sizes, and captivating or impressive designs.

Credit card gift boxes are made up of cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard depending on the need, requirement, and worth of the product. Cardboard packaging is the most durable packaging that there is not a single product cannot use most effectively. Custom cardboard boxes come in all the different, and unique shapes like pillow boxes, flip open boxes, magnetic closure boxes, folding boxes, and window cutout boxes. Unique designs in perfect sizes create a very professional image of the brand in the market and among the customers. Paperboard packaging gives high-end product boxes with custom prints using inkjet, screen, and laser printing.

Promotional Products:

Credit card gift boxes are given as promotional products, and it is important to get the packaging that helps in the promotion of the brand. Custom designs, personalised log, name of the company, attractive patterns and prints give the company a strong image that helps in gaining more audience. To increase the quality of the boxes, get your boxes laminated in a different finish like glossy or matte along with foiling and embossing for custom details. Paperboard is the most sustainable packaging that is available in the market that increases the worth of the brand. Wholesale custom packaging is the cheapest packaging solution than any other alternative packaging.

Would not it be so easy if the packaging was just about filling the space on the boxes with some colours and text?
The packaging calls for proper planning and strategic placement of the design elements on the boxes to make them effective in convincing the customer and creating the need for the product.

It is important to understand the essentials of attractive packaging to get to know the issues that cause trouble in making a mark in the market.
  • It must be protective.
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Unique and versatile
  • Authentic
  • Self-marketing & advertising
  • Relevant to the product in terms of information and other information.
The feature self-marketing explains so much about the need for brand recognition for the product or the company. A gift card is one of the marketing and promotional tactics to gather the attention of the customers and introduce your product in the market. Do you know that there are a lot of companies who fail at getting the attention of the target audience even after spending a fortune on marketing campaigns?

The answer is the wrong approach to packaging.
Here are some of the problems that instantly need to be solved to create the sensation that you have been dreaming about.

Non-Effective Display

The colourful display is not necessarily an effective display.
Say it again!
Yes, right.

The biggest mistake companies do while creating their credit card boxes is that they focus on filling the boxes with the designs and information but do not focus on the aesthetic appeal of the packaging that cost them their effort and money that go useless. The competition is tough, and it is important to stay trendy, up-to-the-mark, and captivating with the packaging.

Solution: Plan, research, and improvise. It is important to understand that the target can be achieved even with the minimal information and designs on card boxes if they are conveying the message behind the company and the product.

Mismatched Sizes

An impression must be worth the effort!

You are making a fool of yourself if you think that those over-sized boxes are going to get you somewhere close to customers’ heart or their bucket list. Over-sized card boxes create a negative and deceiving impact on the customers as it gives a wrong idea of the size of the product. It will create mistrust in them, and they will never look forward to work with you or make a purchase in the future. Unlike wallet boxes, these card boxes need proper research as they are representing a brand in a more professional manner.

Solution: Save yourself some money and environment some pollution; go for the boxes that perfectly fit the cards in them. It helps to save the cost of material and manufacturing plus will create less pollution.


It is understandable that why do companies overlook sustainability?
Companies mostly focus on the appearance of the boxes but forget to understand that is it important to get the packaging that is not only good for the product but also for the environment as non-biodegradable and non-recyclable packaging cause the only destruction to the environment we live in.

Solution: Go for cardboard packaging; it is durable, attractive, affordable, and sustainable. Sustainability adds half of the weight to the reputation of the company as it does not leave any negative effect on nature.

Irrelevant Design Elements

Why would anyone feel like putting a glass of water on a credit card box and flower on electronics box unless it is conveying some message?

No! Wait, still why?

There are a lot of companies that make this huge mistake unknowingly. Credit card or gift boxes are made to promote the brand, but if you are not making it brand-oriented, then do not expect to do wonders as it will not. You are not giving customers what they need to see and what a company needs to achieve.

Solution: To make an impact on the customers or to make an effective packaging that fulfils its purpose it is important to put only the important information on your credit card box holder as they also come in contact with the customers.

Keep it simple!

Do not put every other detail on the boxes so that customers instantly get the message that needs to be portrayed.

User Experience

No matter what packaging, marketing, advertising, and promotions are all done for the customers, but the companies forget to keep them along the side through all the process is a loss.

Solution: Customers’ must be satisfied with the functionality of the boxes, such as easy opening and closing, better containment, storage, and handling. Whether it’s a trading card storage boxes or gift card boxes, there is no chance for such mistake that is of no significance if you are aware of what you are doing because packaging gives you a one-time chance at creating an impression as the customers do not even bother coming back to you. They have got a wide range of options to choose from. Think, research, plan, organise, and reevaluate your choices and its drawbacks that could cause a problem!

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