How to Plan the Best Social Media Seasonal Marketing Campaign

How to Plan the Best Social Media Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Social media is where almost every person is at these days. I have even seen grannies promoting their businesses on the platform. This means that social media platforms including Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are providing many with an opportunity to earn for themselves.

However, there is a lot that goes into planning a marketing campaign for your social media page. Here's a break down of all that...


Pre-planning is the key here. Since we are talking about seasonal marketing campaigns, you will have to plan the campaign for 2-3 months. Because people do not purchase things for an event on the day of the festivities. They start preparing for the big day (for example Christmas) months before the actual day.

A margin of 2-3 months also gives you ample time to plan the campaign accordingly. Apart from that, you can also look for new ideas with much ease.

Campaign Goals

You should be clear about what your goals for the campaign are. Without any clear goals, you cannot explain to your team what it that you expect of them is. Moreover, you cannot convince the upper management on anything if you do not have clarity about the goals.

For this, you just need to ask yourself a simple question. What is the primary purpose of your campaign? The answer is the goal of your campaign. Your goal can vary. Some people might be aiming at increasing revenue through a certain campaign. While others might just want to increase the leads.

Decorate the Social Media Platform

Just like the streets get flooded with lights and decorations around an event, your social media page should do something similar. It should reflect a season or a prominent event through its theme. Give your online presence a makeover. I remember working at an advertising agency and doing the same for Optimum Wi-Fi plans. The whole activity was fun. And it brings the creative in you to good use.

Some of the common ways that marketers use to decorate their social media pages according to a certain theme are the addition of colours closely associated with that event on their posts. However, one must not forget the brand. The brand’s personality should shine through all the colours and glitter that you add to your posts. This whole ‘decorating according to the theme’ concept can be a difficult task for start-ups. However, small businesses can always rely on platforms like PosterMyWall if they cannot hire graphic designers.

A Unique Calendar

A part of pre-planning your campaign is creating a calendar that includes all the prominent upcoming events. This aids you in deciding the content that you should post close to an event. In this way the chances of you forgetting about a major festival are low. And it also gives you time to pre-decide and pre-plan the content that you will post during that season. Edits and re-edits also become a possibility if you make a calendar. Thus, enabling you to come up with a well-thought post.

Promote Your Product for Each Holiday

Just like Starbucks introduces Pumpkin Lattes close to Halloween, you should tailor your product so that it reflects the theme of the upcoming event or festival. The options that you can work on will vary from business to business. But every business can introduce something that speaks volumes about a particular season or popular celebration.

Video Updates

When you make use of social media platforms to promote your business, you should keep your followers and audience posted. The best way of doing so is through video content. Consumers love watching videos. The engagement rate will tend to increase if you post videos for your target audience. You can also add a seasonal twist to all the videos that you upload. In this way, your brand becomes more relatable to the people following you.

Hashtag It

You should employ the use of hashtags as much as possible. Using the trending seasonal hashtags will also improve your visibility. This will increase your chances of getting more followers too. Which will eventually translate into more revenue? Therefore, start tagging all your posts with the most popular seasonal hashtags. However, keep in mind that the hashtags should be relevant to the post as well.

For example, you cannot use the hashtag #breastcancerawareness under a post for Optimum prices. Look for hashtags that are not just trending but are relevant as well.
Apart from all the above-mentioned tips, you can also join a community page to promote yourself. Moreover, you should make a constant effort to keep your social media pages updated as well. Post content frequently.

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