List of top 2019 marketplaces across Europe & Africa

List of top 2019 marketplaces across Europe & Africa

Do you wish to expand your e-commerce business and gain profit in your business? Then online marketplaces are the answer to your queries. Online sellers have increased retail sales to almost 1,250% after moving to the top marketplaces for exploring their business. It’s the time for you to choose which all marketplaces are profitable for you and best to promote your brand online.

Undoubtedly, every online marketplace has its individual requirements, product listing, listing fare, and customer. But, if you are sure you are moving in the right direction, some healthy research is needed. We have below listed top 2019 marketplaces across Europe & Africa, which may help you in the long end expanding your business.

Which marketplaces do you prefer to sell Europe & Africa?

There is an assembled list of the marketplaces which are either leading website in Europe and Africa or is growing faster as the latest industry domain. We have listed out the top 2019 marketplaces in Europe & Africa, to help you out in deciding. Check it!

  1. Allegro - It has around 16 million users, with 20 million accounts, which marked it as the biggest marketplaces in the UK. And it is a polish online e-commerce platform.
  2. Asos - It has almost 80,000 products on the marketplaces and regarded as the leader in the cosmetics and fashion category. It sells over 850 brands in its e-commerce platforms.
  3. - It is considered to be the prominent marketplaces to look out for the electronics, books, toys, lifestyle, and home & living category in the state of the Netherlands. It has almost 11 million products, which declare it as the biggest marketplaces for the state of Netherland and Belgium.
  4. CDiscount - It is regarded as the biggest marketplaces in France, for reaching out to the French customers. It lists out around 40+ categories on its websites, such as fashion, electronics, home & living, and toys & baby products. It has around 1 million visitors with 2 billion dollars annual sales.
  1. Bidorbuy - It provides services in more than 30 categories, such as home & living; health & beauty; electronics; and baby products. Apart from this, it is an internet auction site.
  2. Jumia - It is an African-based marketplace that functions in 13 countries all around the globe. It is regarded as the biggest marketplace in Africa, with around 50,000 sellers for more than 6 million products to showcase on their website.
  3. Kilimall - It provides products on huge categories like electronics; clothing; home appliances; baby products, and cosmetics. It also operates in the state of Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya.
  4. Konga - It is a Nigerian marketplace that provides products in many categories like consumer electronics, fashion, home appliances, health care, and personal care products. It has almost 50+ million customers and progressing faster, thus known as ‘The Amazon of America’


Today we have abundant opportunities to explore, research, and sell on the marketplaces, as per our choices. What we lack sometimes is correct information. Now, you need to decide where and which marketplaces of Europe and/or Africa you will choose to extend your business.
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