What Is The Best Way To Wash Your T-shirt? 3 Practical Tips (Infographic)

What Is The Best Way To Wash Your T-shirt? 3 Practical Tips (Infographic)

Do you want to wash white T-shirts or keep the other colours as beautiful as possible? With our practical tips, your shirts will continue to look like new. Your T-shirt whether it is white or in other colours will look vibrant and makes you look great in matching family photo shirts.

Characteristics of a good T-shirt:

1. The fit of the T-shirt:

When someone buys a new T-shirt, the fit of the shirt is usually considered first. That determines to a large extent whether you are dealing with good T-shirts. That fit can be different for everyone by the way. One would rather wear a slim fit shirt while the other would like a slightly wider fit (regular fit). More than 60% of respondents pay attention to the fit when looking for high-quality T-shirts.

2. The shirt length:

Many men hate too short shirts. And because they often shrink a little after washing, it is smarter to choose a T-shirt that is a bit longer. More than 50% of the people who wear T-shirts think the length of the shirt is very important.

3. The edge of the T-shirt:

Men who wear T-shirts think that the edge of the T-shirt is important when choosing a new shirt. High or deep, V-neck or a round neck, it often has to do with how and when you will eventually wear the shirt.

4. The thickness of the fabric:

The thickness of the fabric of the shirt is also an important starting point for men in their search for high-quality T-shirts. Incidentally, they are not so unanimous about whether it should be a thick or thin fabric. Half opt for a thinner fabric, while a 22% indicate that they prefer a somewhat thicker fabric.

T-shirt washing: our practical tips

Curious about how to wash T-shirts? We list 3 tips for you:

1. Wash it inside-out

If you are going to wash your T-shirt, always do that inside out and then wash it. Your shirt will stay in good condition and the colour won’t fade and this type of washing gives a fresh and radiant look.

2. Wash it in the correct temperature:

The correct temperature to wash the T-shirts is 30 - 40 degrees celsius. It is better to read the clothing label and wash it at the temperature indicated. If you wash them at 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, the T-shirt will be in good condition.
Note: Should I wash white T-shirts at 60 degrees? Check on the label if that is possible to prevent them from shrinking too much.

3. Wash it with washing powder

It is advisable to wash the T-shirts and other clothing with powder than with liquid detergent. This is because the detergent powder will make your clothes fresher and cleaner and it is also cheap.

Bonus Tip:
If washing your T-shirts doesn't work you can wash them once with natural vinegar instead of fabric softener. Don't do that too often, but use it as a powerful tool if your shirts don't clean properly anymore.

Washing T-shirts: keep them as new

You naturally wash white T-shirts with a special detergent for white laundry, while you can use regular detergent for the coloured laundry. That way you can wash your shirts with the best results, for example, if you buy new ones online.

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