Debunking the Myths of Call Centre Outsourcing

Debunking the Myths of Call Centre Outsourcing

Have you ever outsourced your call centre operations? If yes, you must be aware of the possible call centre outsource threats. Well, are you sure that those threats are true or are just myths! Well, there are several myths relating to call centre outsourcing, which needs to be debunked. Several companies avoid outsourcing by trusting some fake myths and today we bring them for you.

We team up the myths v/s facts of outsourcing, which businesses need to understand to avoid having any misconception. Outsourcing helps to augment business services and smoothens functions, so any negative thought should not stop you from enjoying its perks. Check out as we list up the common myths about call centre outsourcing:

Outsourcing does not deliver the same quality service as in-house services

There is no doubt that in-house services are the best and have no competition. However, not all companies have the capital to invest in in-house service handling and infrastructure management, so they look for a good outsourcing partner.

Call centre outsourcing is common, as companies generally outsource their customer support to experienced partners for better call centre services. Maintaining efficient call answering in-house is hard where agents have to look after other core responsibilities as well.

To avoid any hassling situation, companies outsource to experts to handle customer calls. Outsourced agents make sure to offer splendid support to attain supreme satisfaction for their partners and look after the services the same way as in-house experts. Therefore, thinking that outsourcing depreciates quality service is wrong, as partners promise to bring heightened results to customer satisfaction.

The partner will not understand my business

Many companies believe that call centre outsource facility leads to inaccurate services, as the partner cannot understand other companies functionality. However, your outsourcing partner makes sure to gather in-depth knowledge about your services. Moreover, they have a market experience of working for numerous firms, thus understanding your functionalities is easy for them and they integrate your operations easily too.

If you are planning to outsource to call centres in India, do not hesitate thinking whether they will understand my service or not? Well, they have experts who perform in-depth research on your offerings and make sure to provide top-notch service.

Outsourcing is a risk to business data

Outsourcing indeed demands access to your business data for hassle-free service performance. However, outsourcing nowhere means your data is at risk!

Choose your outsourcing partner wisely and check their security documents. Make sure that their documents have strict guidelines for security check, so that data theft is not a dispute later.

Choose a known outsourcing firm, so that their services are tested and reliable. Outsourcing does not put your data at risk, however, getting an experienced partner at work, you can keep a check on any possible threat to your business.

Talking on the possibilities of risk, even in-house service handling can bring data threat issues when agents are not committed to strict security checks regularly. Thus, outsourcing to experts can help avoid any possible shortcomings as experts are available on-board to check all inadequacies.

Outsourcing is expensive

Saying outsourcing is expensive is one of the biggest myths you should never believe. Check your cost on in-house service handling and compare the same with your outsourcing project.

Getting external partners for customer support, you save much on infrastructure building, hiring and training, cost of tools and maintenance, etc. These expenses are no more a challenge with outsourcing firms as they provide services in budget and you have to pay only for the services you choose to enjoy.

In-house customer support handling means you have to hire and train agents for call handling and even look after attrition issues. However, outsourcing frees in-house experts to focus on development strategies and saves huge capital expenses.

The fact is, in-house is more expensive than outsourcing!

Outsourcing declines business performance

It is completely a myth that outsourcing declines performance levels. On the contrary, in-house services may do so! Since in-house service performance means looking after all the functions internally, which may deteriorate performance with multiple service handling at the same time by limited agents. Moreover, if these agents are no skilled in customer support, they may not be able to deliver the same performance.

To make this process easy, businesses need to have a skilled team to look after every service separately. If your business does not have a team of adequate staff for specific operations, the business will not be able to augment performance.

Outsourcing means dedicating a team for a particular service, which is why service enhancement for them is easier. When all the functions are handled in-house, it creates a mess leading to deteriorated performance levels. However, outsourcing to experts, your services are taken care of astoundingly.

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