Get Paid to Read and Write Online in Nigeria (JokosHQ)

Get Paid to Read and Write Online in Nigeria

Get paid to read and write content online. 68.5% revenue share and 60% referral commission.

JokosHQ Forum is a content publishing platform that pays users for writing and viewing content. Its main audience is Nigeria and it has categories covering all topics.

JokosHQ Forum was started with the main intention of paying persons for their valuable efforts online.

Our major revenue source is content monetization. Links shared by bloggers are monetized with adverts and for all the income made, 68.5% of the total income is shared back to the bloggers and members who created the income.

How it works

It’s simple and open for everyone both writers and readers. We have structured it with 4 earning systems
  1. Referral earnings
  2. Content view earnings
  3. Engagement earnings
  4. Achievement freebies

Referral Earnings.

Registered users are given referral links to invite users to sign up. On registration, the referral earns up to 60% (in Tokens) of the new user’s registration fee.

Content View Earnings

Aimed at bloggers struggling to earn online. The content earnings pay publishers up to 72% of their content earnings.

i.e we place revenue streams on our platform and for every view content publishers earn 72% of this revenue.

Engagement earnings

For Readers: Continues involvement in the platform also earns you money. Activities such as comments, shares, views, reactions, and votes, etc.

Achievement Freebies

For every badge or rank, you attain you gain free tokens.

JokosHQ Forum being a read and write to earn platform has its global currency known as Tokens which is used to pay users who create and engage with content on our website.

Fund Distribution

Our token is flexible and changes depending on the income of the month. Our distribution makes it possible for us to evenly share out funds at universal and open rate.

On a monthly basis we payout 68.5% of our advertisement revenue.

Just like other cryptocurrencies, the monthly income determines the rate at which our Tokens will be exchanged for Naira.

Conversion method

Conversions are done manually and displayed openly in the Token Market. Here is a simple scenario


October 68.5% revenue (MR) = 40,000naira
Withdrawal requests (WR) = 15
Total Withdrawal amount (TWA) = 10,000

Our conversion of token to naira for that month would be.

40,000/10,000 = 4

Hence, 1token = 4naira

A user requesting for 5,000tokens would get

4×5000 = 20,000naira.

However, If the TWA is bigger than MR, then users would get a lower amount.

Join us today and make up to ?50,000 monthly. i.e 68.5% share of advertisement revenue and 60% referral commission with 1-time payment of ?1200.

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