Positive Effects Of Social Media

Positive Effects Of Social Media

Social media- I have such a love/hate relationship with you! I hate the bullying that goes on, the competition and fakeness and the way you can suck so much of our time away! I recently talked about how social media networks like Instagram can be harmful to your mental health. But, I am a big believer in the many positive effects of social media. As someone who works with social media every day, and also has dealt with mental health issues, I think it’s important to be aware of both the positive and negative effects of social media.

We all know social media has many benefits and most of us use some form of social networking daily! But in case you need to be reminded of all the positives, here are some of the best ways social media can benefit your personal life and your business. Cuz social media is here to stay!

Positives Of Social Media


One of my favourite ways to use social media is for inspiration. How many times have you scrolled through your feed and clicked on an inspiring story? How did it make you feel after you read it? Uplifted, hopeful and… inspired!?

Or if you’re working on a new project and need some inspiration, checking out other people’s work can help spark new ideas! Social media is a great place to find brand and business inspo!


Sharing your passion online can help you build both personal and professional connections. Whether it’s blogging, photography, art, short stories, or music, social media can be a great place to show and share your passion with others!

Sharing your passion with others can help give you more sense of purpose.


Isn’t this the very reason why social media was invented? To connect people? It’s a big world, and social media makes it easy to search and find communities of people just like you! Make new friends or re-connect with old ones through networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Got family on the other side of the globe? Social media helps bring you closer through sharing photos, instant messages and video chats!

Businesses can use social networks like LinkedIn and Whatsapp to easily communicate with clients from all over the world.

Customers can also contact you with questions or comments, leaving you real feedback faster and easier than ever before. Online reviews are also a great way for customers to provide feedback. Social media helps businesses maintain a certain reputation.
If you’re like me, I would love to connect!


Income is one of my favourite ways to use social media! There are endless opportunities to make money through social media – Sponsored posts, driving traffic to your site, product and service sales! Social media opens the doors to so many potential customers, from all over the world! If you’ve got a small business, blog or a worldwide company, social media can bring more income!


It’s easier to say to what you really think and feel when you’re behind a computer! Just be careful because whatever you say online, is there forever!

Social media is a great opportunity for businesses to express their brand voice effectively. The Honest Company is a great example of how a brand can be humanized through social media.


Social media is a great outlet to raise awareness of a cause. Before social media, your reach was limited. Social opens up a huge potential audience and that means lots of possible supporters!

Growing your business and brand awareness is easy with the right social media marketing strategy! In order for people to turn into possible customers, they need to be aware of you first!


There’s a lot of talent around the world just waiting to be recognized. Networks like Youtube allow anyone to upload and share their talents and get discovered! Isn’t that how Justin Bieber received his first break?

Job opportunities are endless thanks to social media and the internet. Networks like LinkedIn help people easily find job opportunities, from anywhere, anytime!


Social media is basically where I get my news from. It’s a great place to learn about current events, trending topics and upcoming events!

You can also learn a new talent or life hacks online! Youtube has taught me everything from how to contour, clean a cast iron pan, say hello in nearly 50 languages, and even survive a shark attack! All very valuable and even life-saving lessons! Learning a new skill, updating old skills or completely changing career paths is easy and flexible thanks to social media and the Internet.
Positive Effects Of Social Media
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Obviously, I’m a huge fan of social media and the internet! It’s literally changed my life! There are so many positives of social media for both personal and business:) Learn to love it, because it’s here to stay!
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