How To Do Flawless Makeup No Matter Your Skin Type Or Age

How To Do Flawless Makeup No Matter Your Skin Type Or Age

Women love makeup looks that are universal and easy to achieve, as well as those that are not time-consuming. Usually, one makeup look can’t suit the same eye shape, face shape or skin type, as well as different age groups. This is why there are some tricks that celebrity makeup artists do that can give you a fresh and unique look in less than 30 minutes, which we will share! Here is how to do makeup, and how to make it look good in only 7 steps with some crucial makeup items.

Top 7 Steps To Perfect Makeup

1 Lightweight Base

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A lightweight base is a way to go, especially if you are into sheer looks. You should wear and apply a tinted moisturizer, or a BB cream for everyday wear. Apply the product with your fingers and rub it in by doing tapping motions. This base will suit any skin type, but will truly bring out the best from women with dry complexion. If needed, you can build up the pigment with 2-3 additional layers. Women who have acne or other skin imperfections will want to minimize their appearance by doing spot concealing.

2 Soft Brows

A softer brow suits girls and women of any age! Usually, eyebrows can frame the face, and they can dictate the way we look. For plenty of women, a softer (fluffy and natural brow) is the way to go. If you are into embracing your facial features and you wish to look minimalistic, you will love this look. How to do it? A simple tinted brow gel will do the work for you. Use it to comb the brows upwards and to give them some pigment and colour. This little trick works no matter your brow thickness, length, or colour.

3 Lash Extensions

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Lash extensions can suit anyone. They open up the eyes, give you a low maintenance outcome, and they can suit many different opportunities and events! Women can get them done when they are 18 and even when they are 88! Lash extensions are a customizable solution which you should get at a lash salon, and that will last you for 2-3 weeks straight! Women who love natural looks and who aren’t that into wearing makeup will prefer lash extensions any time over falsies or a mascara! This little makeup trick will allow you to look well put even in the morning when you’re rushing out the doors, and when you are getting ready to go out with friends at night.

4 Tinted Products

Tinted products are usually very nourishing and moisturizing. They are easy to apply since you can blend them in with your fingers, and they are buildable - perfect for anyone who is into long-lasting, natural, and easy to add on looks. Use either a tinted bronzer or a blush (based on the look that you’re trying to pull off). Either way, you will easily add on and remove the preferred pigment, and you can do this step with either your fingers, brushes, or your beauty sponges! Make sure you stick to one product only, since combining a tinted bronzer along with a tinted blush can look a bit messy.

5 Moisturized Lips

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Moisturized lips are beautiful, soft, hydrated and nourished on their own. Every woman can pull off the plumped look, although not everyone can look good in dark matte lipsticks. This is why you should apply your favourite nude, pinky, or flush coloured lipstick to the center of your lips. Make sure you also use a lip pencil to outline your lips and to give yourself a plumped look. Sheer glosses or lipsticks are usually the way to go, especially if you pair them along with a similar coloured cheek tint (as we’ve talked about before).

6 Soft Shadow

A soft and smooth shadow look is something that even beginners can do! If you have an event that you are off to, spice it up with some dark brown! Regularly, nude, pink, white or beige colours will look amazing on any woman, as well as for any event! Apply your favourite soft matte colour to the crease, and add a light shimmer over the entire lid. You can achieve a sculpted cat eye in 5 minutes, and only with 2-3 brushes! Make sure that the look is cohesive, and go for colours that you like and that look good on you.

7 A Bit Of Mist

Last, but not least, set all of your face makeup with your favourite setting spray. A bit of matte or shimmer mist looks great on any skin type, and will transform your look and set it in place for the rest of the day! If you are someone who has oily skin, rather use a heavy matte mist. If your skin is dry - go for shimmers, radiance boosters, as well as hydrating mists that will keep all of your makeup right where it belongs!

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