How to Make Your Car Last Longer

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The value of your car depends on its age (due to depreciation), its model but also the state that it is in. Now, this last part affects both its resale value (realistic value, the one that you can actually get for it on the market) and its value for you as its driver. Fortunately, this is one factor that you can drastically affect by simply altering several of your own behaviour patterns. So, here’s how you can make your car last longer.

#1 | Drive carefully

The first thing worth talking about is the one regarding your driving habits. You see, it’s not just fuel economy that gets affected by the way you drive. Cruising, avoiding situations where you have to brake sharply (tailgating), as well as some other driving habits can minimize the wear and tear that your tires and brakes suffer from, thus minimizing the cost of your car’s maintenance. Also, seeing as how this kind of driving behaviour is quite safe, the risk of a collision (that would abruptly shorten your car’s life span) would be minimized.

#2 | Invest time and effort into maintenance

The simplest way to make your car last longer is to be proactive when it comes to its maintenance. Regularly cleaning your car will slow down the rusting process, while regularly replacing tires, filters, oil and other fluids will ensure that the degradation of the vehicle is much slower. Keep in mind that this may seem like an expensive effort, however, it isn’t necessarily costlier than fixing the car after it’s already broken down. Even a simple task such as rotating your tires regularly can save your car’s engine and bakes in the long-run.

#3 | Take it to a professional

Even though you might follow the above-listed DIY maintenance procedures to the letter, the fact is that there are some things around your car that you simply can’t handle on your own. This is why it’s so important that you regularly take your vehicle to service. Also, keep in mind that you might not be able to handle every single task regarding your car’s protection. For instance, when driving in urban areas with hectic traffic (like Sydney), applying paint protection film on your vehicle’s surface would be a smart move. Stone-chips and small scratches always find a way to reach your car, not to mention other environmental contaminants. This is why finding experts in car detailing in Sydney might help preserve the vehicle in more ways than one.

#4 | Plan your itinerary

The itinerary that you take every single day is also something that may affect the overall health of your vehicle. Knowing which road sections are bad and planning your itinerary so that you can easily avoid them is something that you definitely need to start doing. Fortunately, in this day and age (with all the apps and online maps), this isn’t nearly as hard as it was in the future. It can also help you quite a bit with improving your fuel economy.

#5 | Keep your eye out

While taking your car to service on a regular basis is a great idea, you must also keep in mind that you’re the one that knows your vehicle the best. If there’s a problem, like the one indicated by your dashboard or if the car feels weird while driving, you might want to look into the problem right away. Ignoring the problem will usually result in a scenario where it will escalate and end up costing substantially more. Without this expensive replacement or repair, your car will see its value plummet quite hard.

While it is true that making your car last longer requires a continuous effort, the thing is that this isn’t necessarily that hard to achieve. Adjusting your driving habits for the better is something that you’re supposed to do either way, while the rest of the items on this list have to be performed periodically. In other words, the benefits outweigh any investment made, by far.

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