How Women are Breaking the Stereotypes and Traveling Solo in 2020

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Independent is the new pretty. Kudos to the strong-willed and unconventional women who are breaking the barriers and keeping their best foot forward, exploring the places like never before. Statistically, there is an increase in the number of female solo travelers in the past few years, and surprisingly it is far exceeding their male counterparts.

If you search for the hashtag #solofemaletraveller, your search engine will show you, women, climbing Mt. Fuji alone or taking up scuba diving in the great barrier reef all by themselves. If adventure is on their radar, women are not shying away even from an audacious motorbike journey to Morroco. They are making use of all up to date amenities like motorcycle accessories and gearing up for any path less traveled. They are raising their standards and venturous spirit like never before. What has led to such benevolence? Let us discover how women are breaking the stereotypes and making most of their solo journeys in the year 2020.

Traveling as a full-time career

Social networking, more so, Instagram opened the vast arena of unique job opportunities for artists, bloggers, photographers, video editors, and other creatives. Travel and lifestyle blogging has now become a full-time career with multiple industries trying to collaborate with bloggers to market their products and services. No wonder, female bloggers are ruling this platform, making way to exotic destinations alongside building a legitimate career. Also, shedding information with a touch of personal experience, inspiring several others to take up traveling. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is real, and no one wants to stay behind.

Getting help from the support group

Women welcome women, we are travel girls, and many other support groups welcome female solo travels with open arms in a far-flung land. Some groups can help you sort your itinerary, while others can provide for a tag-along female partner, a support group can help you realize your travel goals in many ways. Also, there are several chains of helpline centers all across the globe that can assist you in terms of safety and security. Such assistance and strong safety networks are letting women travel with ease.

Social sites and apps are the game-changers

Travelers are making use of social apps and travel forums to connect with the locals and fellow travelers. It is an easy way to get first-hand information, and some acquaintance with the place before even being there. People are sharing out key values and travel tips about a place on many active forums and blogs. From knowing the cultural norms to ways to handle an emergency, you can find answers to almost any query. Just at the ease of their fingertips, women can find all key resources that can make their journeys a comfortable experience. Chalking out an itinerary with such authentic information is taking away the stigma around solo traveling.

Women are traveling to find a meaningful experience.

The anecdotes and memoirs of some world-class authors, like Elizabeth Gilbert in her book, Eat, pray and love, have given a new direction to women who want to travel for personal accomplishment. The availability of destinations that add perspective and joy to their personality is giving a reason for women to take up a solo expedition. Women are choosing to travel to fulfill their passions and absorb life skills from various cultures. Whatever they learn on solo travel trips stays with them for a long time, and many women vouch for the sense of fulfillment that they receive only on such trips.
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Leveraging on financial independence and remote work situation

With financial independence comes the authority to make individual decisions and liberty to pursue one’s passion. As more women are turning in to digital nomads and working from remote areas, traveling has become a part of their lifestyle. Going for a solo trip is something that they plan with focus and clarity. They save for their big trips and are open to a foreign environment, a strong foothold of their finances is making them take a giant leap of faith.

Millennial women are inclined to Purposeful traveling

To take up a short vocational course or to contribute to social services, women are traveling distances to add purpose to their travel. Every year to join yoga school, a vast number of females travel to countries like India; likewise, many get cooking inspiration from an excursion trip to Mexico. Tapping to such courses and services takes care of all the essentials like visa and accommodation issues. Thus, allowing traveling while learning a new art. There is plenty of time to develop friendships and bonds, which is another cherry on the cake.

What makes solo female traveling so popular in the past couple of years is the vast chain of communication and transport network that makes solo traveling accessible and safer than ever. But, more than that, we believe it is the strengthened personality and appeal to self-discovery that is boosting wanderlust among women.

In today’s time, women are pushing all the boundaries and breaking the old-school stereotyping of beauty standards, gender biases, and also workplace equality. Alpha women are breaking all the taboos around solo traveling as well. Solo travel has become a new way to celebrate freedom and get much desired little sweet time to unwind.
How Women are Breaking the Stereotypes and Traveling Solo  in 2020
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