7 Amazing Reasons Why Travel is Good for Your Mental Health

7 Amazing Reasons Why Travel is Good for Your Mental Health

Around the world in 80 days! Sounds thrilling? You can feel the energy when someone asks about your travel plans. Wanderlust is an opportunity to do things that you might not otherwise get to do. Have you wondered what the other advantages of travelling are? Apart from physical and social benefits, it is excellent for mental health as well. Let’s have a look at why travel is right for your mental health:

#1 | It Enhances Creativity

Immersion in new experiences influences the brain’s neural pathway. The change in environment impacts mental health. It reduces stress when you pull yourself out of your daily routine. Relaxed and new ideas may pop up in your head. Travelling breaks monotony and resets your thought pattern significantly. This can make you more creative by thinking from a fresh mind. Travel can boost creativity and ideas, which you often seem to struggle in a constrained environment.
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#2 | Helps in overcoming fear of the unknown

We often fear the unknown. Knowing the unknown gives you an edge. Travelling helps us unravel the unfamiliar experiences. Visiting new places helps you know about different cultures and societies. You can discover new cuisines, activities, and different ways to lead lives. As the dimension of your experience increases, it breaks your fear of different stereotypical notions. You start to appreciate every life irrespective of being different. Travel lends us the courage to unravel the unknown. It helps to reduce the nervousness under challenging situations.

#3 | Discover Yourself

To travel is to take a journey into yourself. Getting lost in new experiences will help you find yourself. You can identify yourself by discovering likes, dislikes, emotions, fears, and happiness while travelling. More often, it gives an insight into who you are when you develop an aversion towards certain aspects of life. You can introspect your thoughts that boost your thinking stamina. It enhances your perspective about the world and how you see it. You will develop confidence and courage to reveal your unique identity. Thus, travelling enables discovery of the discoverer.

#4 | All-time low-stress level

Reducing stress in your daily life is vital for overall well-being. It makes you happier and healthier. With ever-increasing stress due to work and daily demands, some of you may feel overwhelmed. The monotonous schedule is tedious and leaves you exhausted. Wanderlust is happiness. It is no wonder; travelling helps you break the monotony and promotes a low-stress level. It makes you feel calmer and more relaxed due to the lower cortisol level. Visiting new places, taking pictures, trying a fresh cuisine has exciting moments that help you boost your mental health.
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#5 | Ability to make decisions

There are plenty of decisions to make when you are at school, home, work, etc. in your personal life. It plays a significant role in your life. The quality and timing of the decisions make or break the situation. Do you think travelling is about the right choices at the right moment? For example, choosing the apt roof rack for your rented car or the right time to leave for another destination is the decision that matters the most. Travelling experience depends on the quality of the choices you make. For example, it can be confusing to choose one activity out of hundreds of options available. Whether you should try a traditional pizza or local wine? Tough one, right? Sometimes, it also involves spontaneous decisions if you want to explore something you find attractive in your way. You might go to a native stranger’s place and enjoy their company. Thus, it is evident that travelling helps you make decisions, and make your decision making more apt, based on resources available.

#6 | Boost your confidence.

Confidence is believing in yourself, feeling comfortable in your skin. If you’re confident with your idea, people believe you. It brings success and happiness in your life. Want to feel high on confidence? Wander alone to a new destination. You will notice that after you come back from the journey, your confidence level has increased. Your ability to interact with strangers, making social connections, speaking, broadening perspective, ability to solve problems will enable you to have the courage to do things. It may happen that you’ll try new things that are outside your comfort zone. Thus, it helps you to push yourself beyond limitation to greater heights. You will feel confident when you try to get through challenging situations.

#7 | Makes you robust and resilient

A person who has not faced difficult situations in life can never achieve success. We all face challenges in our life daily. Difficulties and challenging situations test the real character of a human being. Whether you realize or not, all the little challenges that you face make you tough. When you travel, you step out of your comfort zone. The definition of comfort keeps on changing with the environment. You learn to adapt yourself to new situations, new culture. When you fail to catch a train for your destination, you look for other options. You do not give up in unfavourable conditions. Travelling, mainly when the solo is a great challenge in itself. For example, struggling to find accommodation, trying to get an active connection for your connection, getting lost on the way, fear of getting robbed in the city centre are tricky situations. Facing these problems will help you develop your skills in tough conditions.

Travelling has a positive impact on your mental health. It boosts your confidence, helps you make better decisions, overcome fears, reduces anxiety and depression. All of these factors promote a healthy mindset. It is for this reason travelling can be useful in enhancing the quality of life one leads. So, pack your bags for your next adventure without a second thought.
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  1. Great article! Makes me look forward to the days when we can all go back to traveling again. Thanks for the insight.

    1. Thank you very much for the comment. I can't wait for this coronavirus issues to be over.

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