9 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers by 200%

9 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Have you had a Twitter account for a long time, but your followers haven't increased? You should use these 9 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers by up to 200% because the presence of these followers is to measure the popularity of its users. Especially if the account is created with the aim of doing business or the like.

I'm sure you are reading this article because you want to know some of the best ways to add Twitter followers to your account, I personally suggest that you read this article to the end.

There are many ways to increase followers on Twitter, such as using a website or supporting applications (instant). However, in this article, I will give a manual technique that, if maximized, can increase your twitter followers by 200%.


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#1 | The Follow and Followback Strategy

Did you know that being a humble person will make you have many friends? This basically does not only apply in the real world but also on social media. This can be very useful if you want to get more followers on Twitter.

When you follower people, and you want them to follow you back, just ask them politely through DM or tweet to them. After that, you can ask them to give you a shoutout, and you reciprocate the offer easy-peasy.

#2 | Be Active in Trending Topic

The second technique is to be active in Trending Topics. This feature is indeed very good at increasing followers, as well as helping increase sales of your products or services. Use hashtags or words that provoke your posts to go viral.

This technique is quite good, so many Twitter users interact with trending hashtags/topics, and if your account is good, they will follow it voluntarily.

#3 | Using the Chirpstory Service

Chirpstory is one of the services that can speed up your tweet process to make it easier to get followers. Why is that? Because this service is designed explicitly for twitter users who want to increase their followers quickly.

By using chirpstory, your twitter account will be more easily recognized by other users. Usually, every account that uses this service can appear in the search page hashtag recommendation.

#4 | Tweet Consistently

The strategy listed in number 3 will certainly not be meaningful if the user does not tweet consistently. Without realizing it, this can influential the level of appearance of your posts on your followers' pages.

We recommend that you create a particular schedule to post on Twitter, especially for novice users. That been said, you have to tweet every few hours, then after the number of retweets increases, do it every few days, and so on.

#5 | Linking Twitter Accounts with Other Social Media

As humans who live in the millennial era, you must have more than 1 social media account, right?. Well, do not miss this opportunity to be able to increase your twitter followers to the maximum.

The trick is also straightforward, by connecting your Twitter account with other social media like Facebook, blog, or LinkedIn. Making these moves can make your tweets on Twitter automatically appear on the accounts that you have integrated.


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#6 | Use a Unique and Easy Username

Although it sounds very unimportant, in fact, picking and using a catchy and unique username will make users intrigued to visit your profile. Avoid using long and numbered names because it can be difficult for other users to read and search for your profile in the twitter column.

Even more so if your Twitter account is devoted to the delivery of information. For example, for women, news, or just entertainment. Examples of usernames are @humorreceh, @krakgist, @gariscakrawala, and many more.

#7 | Write an Intriguing Bio

Keep in mind that most people who use Twitter are unaware that the cause of their slow increase in followers is due to a lack of bio information. Even though it looks as though it is not useful, but apparently, the description you write in the bio has a significant influence on increasing your followers.

A special trick for a bio to look good is to describe who you really are. And never write meaningless words like 'Random People,' 'Crazy Student,' or 'Keep Move on.' That kind of sentence certainly makes other users feel that your account is useless.

#8 | Post useful Tweets

If you want to get a lot of followers quickly, from now on, immediately change the mindset in running your social media account. If you have been using twitter for things that don't make sense, you should remove that mindset.

Start by posting helpful things, such as giving advice or being able to foster the enthusiasm of your followers. Besides that, if you have a high sense of humor, there's no harm in sharing tweets that can make your followers laugh?

#9 | Participate in Gain Tweets

Nerdy Rockson Gain tweets
I personally tweet gain tweets several times a day on my account @nerdyrockson. Follow me and turn on my tweet notifications.

Gain tweets are tweets that ask you to follow those that like or retweet the tweets, following them puts you in a position of getting followed. This strategy is vice versa, you can like and retweets the tweet and get followers.

There are other bigger account that does this too if you can find them and follow them, you can grow your account to 30k in less than a year.

After knowing these 9 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers by 200%, are you interested to try it immediately? Not only that, you should also make sure that your Twitter profile is complete and unique. Good luck!

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