7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Sydney

Australia’s largest city, Sydney, welcomes thousands of tourists, every single day. Discover 7 reasons to visit.
7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Sydney
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Australia’s largest city, Sydney, welcomes thousands of tourists every single day. The city is among the first places in the itineraries of tourists visiting Australia. As most of the interior parts of the country are barren deserts, the population of Australia is dense among the coastal areas, Sydney being one of them.

The city has a modern and urban vibe, while a drive of a few kilometers away from it will land you on some of the amazing and renowned beaches such as Manly and Bondi. Sydney has something on the plate for all types of travelers. Be it, solo backpackers seeking adventure or a family who wants to explore the city and experience Australian culture.

So if you’re planning a trip to Australia anytime soon, here are seven reasons to visit Sydney.

#1 | Sydney is a beach city

One thing about Sydney is that it is a paradise for beach bums. As mentioned earlier, as Sydney is a coastal city, it is home to several renowned beaches situated in close proximity. Except for the extreme winters, one can enjoy the beaches all year long in Sydney. The renown Bondi Beach is easily accessible, through the smooth and hassle-free, public transport.

You can wander around the small beaches that are spread across the city if you want to avoid large crowds and want to stay secluded on a beach. It goes without saying that you can indulge in one of the best underwater activities and experiences, such as snorkeling, diving, and surfing in Sydney.

#2 | The city has a lot of hidden gems

Yes, Sydney has much more than the traditional tourism spots that have been attracting tourists over the years. The city has several less explored hidden gems such as the Shark Island on the Sydney Harbour.

The island is only accessible by boat and offers an astounding 360 degrees view of the Sydney Harbour. The calm and scenic beauty of the island makes it an ideal spot for a picnic. On the contrary, if you’d like to unleash the party animal in you, there’s a pub called Iceberg’s RSL in Bondi that has a swimming pool attached to the ocean and a plush restaurant.

#3 | The city is Adventure lovers’ paradise

Sydney does not disappoint adventure enthusiasts at all. In fact, Sydney’s weather is suitable for all sorts of outdoor adventure activities, such as snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking. First off, climb to the top of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and go for a seaplane tour of the Harbour bridge as well.

If you got a thing for hiking, then a two-hour drive from the city will lead you to the Blue Mountains, a perfect place for hiking. Visit the roof rack stores in your vicinity and fit your car with the latest roof racks to accommodate your hiking and camping gear before heading to the Blue Mountains. The mountains boast of the 140 kilometers long hiking trails and also offer a skyway ride.

#4 | The diverse wildlife

Australia has extensive and diverse wildlife in general. Sydney is a place to witness some of the rare wildlife species at the botanical gardens and the Taronga Zoo. The Royal Botanic Garden situated right in the center of the city, not only offers a marvelous view of the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge but also is home to water dragons, lorikeets, and many more.

The Taronga Zoo also features a wide range of wildlife species such as the Koalas, Kangaroos, Sea lions, Elephants, and many more. It’s better to reach the zoo by catching a ferry or a boat as it is situated right in Sydney Harbour to avoid traffic on the road.

#5 | It’s got the best food

Another great reason why you have to visit Sydney at least once in your lifetime is the variety of food the city offers. If you are a food enthusiast and want to experience the Australian culture and indulge in some of the best Australian Cuisine and delicacies, then don’t miss out on Sydney.

Being an urban metropolitan city, you can find several elite restaurants that offer both exceptional food and an astounding view of the coastal city. You can find yourself a quiet spot in the Kawa cafe to enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee or munch on a hot dog at the famous Harry’s Cafe De Wheels in Sydney.

7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Sydney
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#6 | It’s got something for everyone

Whether you are seeking adventure in the country of Australia, or experience the diverse Australian wildlife, Sydney has it all. From art galleries and museums that display various ancient artifacts and art to national parks that feature rare plant and animal species, you can experience everything in Sydney.

The largest city of Australia offers a lot of scenic beauty with blue skies and beautiful buildings along the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Another tourist attraction of the city near the Sydney Harbour Bridge is Luna Park. All in all, the coastal city of Sydney is perfect for all types of tourists.

#7 | Easy and hassle-free public transport

Being an urban city, Sydney also has heavy traffic on the roads, similar to any other metropolitan city in the world. However, the public transport system of Sydney is easy, affordable, and hassle-free as it connects various suburbs of the city.

You can reach almost any part of the city using the city’s tram, bus and train services. The frequency of the buses is also high, making it easy to travel at all times of the day. If you wish to avoid the traffic on the road, you can take the ferry to reach certain areas of the city as well.


Apart from the seven reasons mentioned above, there are a million reasons to visit Sydney while traveling to Australia. Based on your interests and budget, plan the itinerary accordingly.


  1. Once I have earned enough money, i will try to go to Sydney! It's one of those places in my list! And reading this I have had an additional idea where to go to!
    1. There are over a 100 reasons to visit Sydney and over 50 places to visit there. I just listed the reason I visited it.
  2. Hi. Thanks for the post. Never been to Australia but have a lot of friends down there. Hope I can plan that journey one day. Great shot of the giraffe :)
  3. I already really wanted to go to Sydney but now I want to go even more!! Can't wait to be able to travel again.
    1. I'll tell you Sydney is an amazing place to visit. I plan on moving there.
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