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Natural Remedies to Treat Scoliosis

Discover our home remedies for scoliosis that will help alleviate the symptoms and should be used in conjunction with your scoliosis treatment plan.
Natural Remedies to Treat Scoliosis
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Scoliosis is a nasty condition where the spine develops an abnormal level of curvature. Most people who have the disease will show only slight bend and may not even know they are suffering, dismissing their back pains as no more than an annoying ache. However, of severe curvatures, the condition is not only visible in one’s posture but also has several complications that can progress with age.

Scoliosis treatment at home

Scoliosis treatment ranges from a ‘do nothing, wait, and see’ approach to full spinal surgery, complete with bracing to correct the problem. However, research has shown that there are home remedies for scoliosis, which will allow you to manage your scoliosis treatment at home, irrespective of whether the condition is severe or mild.

Alleviate the symptoms

Our home remedies for scoliosis will help alleviate the symptoms and should be used in conjunction with your scoliosis treatment plan. They do not offer a scoliosis cure, but they do help you lead a more, if not healthy, life.

What is scoliosis

Scoliosis is a musculoskeletal disorder that involves a sideways curvature (typically S- or C- shaped) of the spine or backbone. There is no specific reason for this condition, and it usually occurs when children are growing rapidly as they reach puberty.

Obesity and overweight can aggravate the pain.

Obesity and overweight can exacerbate back pain and discomfort as the discs in the spine absorb the shock from the additional weight.

Genetic reasons

By examining the inheritance patterns of scoliosis, researchers have concluded the condition is genetic as well as hereditary. Genetic factors may be involved in specific aspects of scoliosis, including the risk for curve progression and the shape of a scoliosis curve.

Scoliosis Treatment

While individuals with milder forms of scoliosis may only need to undertake periodic exams with their doctor now and then, individuals with more severe curves (which can become progressively worse) may require treatment.

Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercises (PSSE)

Home remedies for scoliosis start with specialized exercises. There are many customized scoliosis exercises designed to alleviate the symptoms of the condition.

Different approaches

Many nations have different approaches, and there have been studies examining the efficacy of each method. While the specifications of each treatment approach varied, they all are aimed to treat scoliosis naturally by realigning the spine, rib cage, shoulders, and pelvis to ‘normal’ anatomical postures.

#1 | Core Strengthening Exercises:

You can also benefit from general core-strengthening exercises. While they will not reduce the size of the spine curve, they can help prevent the curve from worsening. A stronger core helps to support your spine and help it maintain a neutral position. It also helps your abdominal and lower back muscles to balance and stabilize your posture more effectively.

#2 | A Healthy Diet:

Although scoliosis is not caused by malnutrition or a poor diet, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can help alleviate some of its symptoms. Maintaining a healthy body weight is also very important for individuals with the condition.

#3 | A healthy gut:

A healthy gut does not seem a likely home remedy for scoliosis. However, imbalanced gut bacteria have been shown to affect many physiological processes in the body, from cognitive functions to immune health. Inflammatory diseases like irritable bowel syndrome have also been shown to be linked with the balance of our gut bacteria.

This is where the link to scoliosis comes from. Avoiding inflammation at pressure points in the spine is critical for alleviating the pain associated with scoliosis. Reducing auto-immune responses of the body, which cause inflammation across the whole body, often starts in the gut.

#4 | Anti-inflammatory supplements:

In addition to a healthy diet complete with prebiotics/probiotics, you should also consider foods that are reputed for their anti-inflammatory properties as well as considering supplements.

  1. Turmeric: The spice turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): Also, the supplement methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a widely used supplement that aids in lowering chronic back pain and inflammation of the joints and can help to treat the symptoms of scoliosis.
  3. Calcium: Older patients may need to pay particular attention to their bone health; however, since osteoporosis can cause the progression of scoliosis. More care towards one’s calcium intake is necessary for older age since the body becomes less efficient at absorbing calcium and other nutrients. Postmenopausal women, older men, pregnant women, and women who are breastfeeding typically have more significant calcium needs. Vitamin D, sunshine, and weight-bearing activities that prevent the loss of bone density may be required to avoid any bony abnormalities that will aggravate the symptoms of scoliosis.

#5 | Chiropractic Rehabilitation

In one research, it was found that spinal adjustments in adolescents with scoliosis can reduce the spinal curvature both in the long-term and short-term. Another research group found that adults with scoliosis who sought chiropractic care minimized erroneous spinal curvatures, disabilities as well as pain levels associated with scoliosis.


Parents of patients should know that recent advances in non-surgical scoliosis treatment have made them more comfortable, more engaging, and more effective.

If the symptoms are mild, then scoliosis may be nothing more to you than a line on your medical record, similar to your blood type. If your symptoms are more severe, then surgery is an option. Still, it is a critical step that would be best considered only if you have exhausted other therapies for scoliosis, and you find that it is hampering your daily life.

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