6 Advantages Of Having A Freelance Career Amidst Covid Crisis

6 Advantages Of Having A Freelance Career Midst Covid Crisis

The vicious cloud of the coronavirus has shadowed the entire planet. Due to these edgy times, unusual things have become the "new normal". The needs, requirements, and preferences of the people have changed considerably. People want to pursue a profession that can fetch them security in terms of income.

Moreover, COVID-19 has feigned not only harmful effects on the health of the people but also the organizations. Many associations have shut down their factories to avoid the total variable costs. This has led to an augmentation in the unemployment level. Due to this, many people are sitting idly at home. However, this is the best time to reap the advantage of this opportunity to refine yourself. You could start your own business and practice a profession that interests you the most. Thus, the COVID outbreak has made the freelance career a norm.

Bryan Pena, the Chief of Marketing Strategy in MBO Partners, verifies the above statement. According to him, in these times of uncertainty, the clients have not made a significant compression in their demands. Not only this, people are also integrating the services of independent resources with their businesses. This is due to their quirky needs and the revamping of their strategies during the crisis.

Due to the remote working environment, companies are likely to incorporate the efforts of independent employees. Hence, there will be a heightened increase in the freelancers' services or independent resources in the coming times. So let us have a glimpse at the benefits of a freelance career during the coronavirus phase.

#1 | Bolstered Productivity

Working during such bothersome times entails not only a physical workplace but also a healthy state of mind. People cannot proffer the best of their capabilities with disturbed minds.

But a freelance career facilitates remote working, which has now emerged as a necessity instead of a flux. According to research, approximately 83% of the people prefer remote working than working from their workplaces. This is because remote working is likely to augment their efficiency due to full control.

On the other hand, a report by Stanford Business exhibits positive statements regarding the freelance career. According to this research, the productivity, work satisfaction, and profits of the employees increase by 13% in the case of freelancing. This is because the individuals are likely to work to their best potentials while sitting in the comfort of their houses. By creating a designated workplace, they can ensure work-life balance in their homes.

Also, in the case of freelancing, initiating your career gives you immense satisfaction. Being your boss is better than working under others. This serves as an incentive for you to expand your efficiency in the operational activities.

#2 | Augmented Control

In a freelance job, you are the sole owner of your business. It is you who conducts deals, entices clients, manages, and organizes the operational activities. Henceforth, you have full control over your work activities. Due to this, a freelancer can control his or her income as well.

In edgy times, you can use your augmented networking outreach to interact with more clients to earn more. During other times, you may not work from 8 am to 8 pm and enjoy your day. And, there are no geographical limitations in this career. So, you can stimulate clients from different countries towards your business.

Apart from this, this pandemic period is the best time to enhance your talents and skills. You can enrich your resume or portfolio and utilize the time to create beneficial potential energy. Such potential energy will convert into kinetic energy post-COVID-19 times.

#3 | Flexibility

This career option offers you flexible schedules which means that you can work anytime from anywhere. Flexible schedules not only increase your efficiency but also help you to maximize your satisfaction and interest.

No matter if you are a morning person or a night owl, you can indulge in freelancing. Such flexible schedules also help you to interact with clients dwelling in different time zones.

Flexible schedules propose the maximum benefits to the working mothers who can work from their homes while looking after their children.

Jeff Tenery is the CEO of Moonlighting. According to him, the gig contractors and freelancers are procuring a stabilized revenue over the past four to five years. Furthermore, the freelancers are also indulging into full-time jobs.

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#4 | No Commuting

The freelancers can save considerable amounts by averting commute to the workplace. According to research, Americans spend approximately $200 to $5000 on commuting each year. Therefore, this saved amount can be invested in the business to procure inflated profits.

Besides, forgoing commute can furnish other benefits. First of all, it fakes a positive effect on the environment by curtailing pollution to some extent. Secondly, it saves the people from the stress relating to the jam-packed roads. As a result, this improves the personal health of the people, and they are likely to work to the best of their potential.

#5 | Heightened Job Opportunities

According to the “Future of Work accelerated” report by Deloitte, 60% of the organizations are affiliating the services of freelancers and independent contractors with their businesses. This is because the organizations want to acquire the services of experts who can work remotely during the lockdowns to avert the dispersal of the coronavirus.

In turn, this has intensified the job opportunities for freelancers, which is sighted from other statistics. This is because there is a 50% increase in the signups on the freelancing site, Upwork from mid-March. Further, the user engagement on has amplified by 30% from February till July 2020.

In this era of digitalization, the freelancers can procure job opportunities globally while sitting at their homes. There are several sites like Upwork, SimplyHired, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, etc. that are used for such purposes.

#6 | Unemployment Benefits

Due to the COVID widespread, the freelancers can avail of the unemployment benefits for the first time. Such services refer to the CARES Act, which was formulated on March 27, 2020. This act of the Federal Government helps unemployed freelancers and other employees through an amount of $2.2 Trillion.

To reap the benefits of such compensation, you should apply for unemployment in your state. The amount of payment depends upon your state and your previous earnings. A freelancer is provided with approximately 20 to 50% of his or her prior revenues, along with other benefits. Other benefits include an additional amount of $600, which the Government gives per week according to the CARES Act.


So, these were all the big advantages of having a freelance career amidst COVID crisis. Let us know how have you, as a freelancer, benefited during this pandemic phase in the comments section below.

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