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Dating Tips for Expats Living in Asia

Finding love is never an easy task. However, this task becomes even more difficult when you decide to move out of your own country.
Dating tips for expats
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Finding love is never an easy task. However, this task becomes even more difficult when you decide to move out of your own country and your familiar environment and try to find happiness someplace else. Many expats are living in Asia, so what do they do when they want to step onto the dating scene? The cultural and language differences definitely make this slightly more complicated, but the good news is that the dating scene in Asia is very similar to the one where you're from, mainly because of the high number of expats. But if you need some help in this department, take a look at the following dating tips that will make your life just slightly easier:

Know which dating apps you need to master

If you're looking for a date or merely a one-night stand, dating apps are a must anywhere in the world, and Asia is no exception. Thousands and thousands of tourists travel to Asia daily, which means that this way of meeting someone is certainly not new there. But there is one thing that you need to pay attention to, and that is which dating apps you actually use. Even though many countries in Asia have their own apps for different things, Tinder is still the main app you want to install in case you want to find a good date. Badoo, on the other hand, no matter how popular it is in America or Europe, is OK only in Vietnam or the Philippines. Installing this app in any other country will not do you a lot of good. OK, Cupid, on the other hand, is a great app in Malaysia or Singapore. Moreover, if you're looking to find an Asian girlfriend or boyfriend, Asia Dating is the right app for that.

Be who you are

Since you're far away from home, this might be the time to let all your inner desires come to life. If you want to be kinky, this is the time and the place for you to do so. Nobody in Asia knows you, and you have no idea all the things that you might encounter there that will give you the boost you need. People’s attitudes, expectations and practices are different, so keep an open mind. On the other hand, sex toys are a great way to spice up any relationship. Go out and try to find the best sex toy shop in Singapore or any other Asian country for that matter, and choose the things that you would like to try out. It doesn't matter where you are, your sexual desires and interests will always be encouraged, and this might be the perfect moment for you to break the ice and try something new. What happens in Asia stays in Asia, if you want it to!

Get acquainted with the local culture

Another great way to become closer and more intimate with the people living in the Asian country you're visiting would be to get to know more about their culture. Regardless of the country you're visiting, make sure to know just a bit from their everyday culture, and if you can, learn several new words. This can work well in two examples:

  1. If you're looking for Asian date, this will be a fantastic way to get the conversation going and to earn some points at the very beginning;
  2. If you're looking for a date who's also an expat like you, this will help you a lot in knowing where to take them and what to do while you're out on a date.

Knowing about Indonesia will, for example, answer a lot of your concerns about dating life there. Bear in mind that no country is the same, and it would be great to know a bit more about the place you're at. You don't want to make a mistake you will later regret.

Of course, that thinking about the dating scene is always nerve-wracking, regardless of where they are. But distant countries offer something different – you are completely free to try out whatever you want and date whomever you want. So, think smart, know which apps to use or what clubs to go to, and get your best game on!

Dating Tips for Expats Living in Asia
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