5 Ways to Be a Smart Traveler

5 Ways to Be a Smart Traveler

No matter how much you love travelling, you have to admit that it’s not the most budget-friendly activity in the world. From your plane tickets and hotel reservations to your meals, souvenirs, and postcards, spending tons of money while travelling is more than easy. So, if you want to be smart about it and spend less money than you normally would, you have to plan and think in advance. Therefore, here are five ways to do that and save more money than you thought would be possible.

Fly at night

This might not seem like the best trick in the book, but it’s certainly among the most effective ways to minimize your stress while traveling. If you’re not a fan of spending tons of time at the airport – and who is? – you should consider flying at night. This is when airports are almost empty and everything is done much quicker.

Doing this comes with a number of benefits, including lower costs, avoiding rush hour, less stressful boarding and checking-in, more free space in the cabin, and more space for your luggage. Finally, if you fly all night long, you’ll be able to get some sleep, arrive at your destination in the morning, and still have a full day ahead of you!

Learn how to pack your clothes

No matter how much luggage space you have, you need to know how to pack in the most compact way possible. Lots of people end up carrying an extra suitcase or two just because they’re unable to find all their belongings in one, so learning this might save you tons of money and stress.

Roll up your shirts and your sweaters, hide your underwear and your socks in your shoes, and fold your jeans, pants, and T-shirts as tightly as you can. Alternatively, leave some clothes behind and find accommodation where you can wash your clothes instead. Finally, stick to carry-on luggage only instead of checking your luggage because this will help you get off the plane more easily and quickly.

Explore different transportation options

Wherever you’re going, being able to visit all the destinations and popular sights is a must, but doing that is sometimes hard and expensive. You could be spending tons of money on taxis and wasting lots of time on public transport, so finding a better option is a must. An idea to consider is renting a car or, even better, buying one cheaply.

If you’re staying somewhere for a while, opting for the letter idea might make more sense in the long run – you won’t spend too much money, you’ll be able to get around easily, and you can always sell your vehicle afterwards. So, start looking for vehicles now, and make sure you find a reliable way to sell your car fast before heading back home, and you’ll save yourselves a ton of trouble.

Take your essential gadgets with you

From your headphones to your power bank, there are lots of things you’re going to need when travelling even if you think you won’t. All these things will come in handy at some point during your trip, and having them by your side at all times is much easier than buying new gadgets or borrowing someone else’s.

Some of the things you may need include your camera, your tablet, your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, your GoPro camera, and your GPS watch. However, pay close attention to these things while travelling because they’re popular with pickpockets and thieves, so make sure you don’t lose them.

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Always pick priority line

When booking your ticket, most airlines will give you a special offer called the priority line. This will cost you a bit more and is going to provide you with a chance to enter your plane more quickly and/or more easily. This won’t do much for you except saving you a ton of energy and time when boarding, and that’s something all frequent travellers are going to appreciate.

Of course, there are other ways to get in front of the line and get through airport security faster, but picking the priority line is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to do that. In the end, this is extremely helpful if you’re running late and are afraid you won’t be able to board because people with priority have special treatment when it comes to airport personnel.


Being a smart traveller isn’t that hard, and all you need to do is pay attention to details. If you manage to do that, your trip will be more enjoyable and memorable, and that’s something we all want!

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