New Year’s Resolutions For The New You!

new year's resolution

Setting resolutions.

2021 is here and it's time to start looking forward to what will hopefully be a much better year than the last!

Like many people, you may have set yourself a New Year’s resolution, or maybe you haven’t thought of a good one yet and need a bit of inspiration? So, here are a few of our favorites for 2021!


Pick up a new hobby

Hobbies can help lower stress levels and even improve your focus! Is there something that you’ve always wanted to try but never got round to it? 2021 is the time to do it!

Move more

Whether it’s running, joining a dance class, or spending 20 minutes in the morning stretching, any type of movement is beneficial to both your physical and mental health!

Read more

Reading helps you gain knowledge, expand your vocabulary and it is also fantastic for reducing stress. In fact, reading for just 6 minutes can reduce stress levels by 68%!

Tip: Write down your resolution on a post-it note and stick it somewhere that you will see it every day, maybe your mirror or bedroom door. This will act as a constant reminder to keep at it!

Sticking to Resolutions

With the new year celebrations now over, it’s time to put your resolutions into practice. The new you don’t put things off anymore, the time is now!

We thought we’d help you get started by giving you a couple of tips:

Sticking to Resolutions
sticking to resolutions

Make your resolution more specific

For example, if you are wanting to “read more”, you could aim for a book a month to read for half an hour a day. By setting yourself more specific goals they will feel more achievable and you will be more likely to stick to them!

Split your resolution into small steps

For example, if your resolution is to “eat more healthily,” start with something small like replacing one unhealthy food that you regularly have with something more nutritious. Do that for a week, then replace another food, and so on. It may feel like you are starting slowly, but in the long-term, the likelihood of sticking to it is much higher.

Make a plan

Planning how you are going to achieve your long term goal will make you much more likely to actually achieve it. You should consider the small steps you need to take in order to progress towards your goal, as well as any potential challenges you might face.

Many people give up on their resolutions as soon as the first obstacle gets in their way. By planning how to deal with them, you will be more likely to overcome them and not give up!

Buddy up!

A great way to help you stay motivated and accountable is to find a friend or family member to join you in your goal. Having someone with you on the journey towards your goal will make it more fun and you can motivate each other to keep at it!

Be patient with yourself

It's important to remember that changes for the better don’t just happen overnight, they take time. Working towards achieving your resolution is a process that can sometimes take longer than expected and you may experience setbacks that you didn’t expect. So don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t always go as planned, by being patient and persevering, you will get there.

More practical ways to improve yourself

Tip | Wake up early

This can help improve your productivity and overall quality of life. The theory behind it is, by waking up early, you have already achieved something and you will be more likely to carry on that productive mindset to motivate you throughout the day. Why not give it a try tomorrow and see for yourself?

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Whatever you decide for your resolution, we wish you the best of luck with health and happiness for 2021!

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