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Fitness Gifts Your Active Friends will Love

Here are some gifts to consider giving your athletic bestie to help cheer them along
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Let me guess, your athletic bestie has just joined a new gym? Maybe they’ve taken up a new team sport? Or perhaps they’ve just signed up for their latest marathon? Whether you may not be lifting weights, on the team, or running alongside them, you want to be their biggest cheerleader! Support them every step by ensuring they have everything they need on their next fitness adventure with a gift to suit.

Here are some gifts to consider giving your athletic bestie to help cheer them along.


Headphones are an excellent gift for the athletic friend in your life, whether they like to amp up their favorite tunes to motivate them while on their run or to block everything out so they can focus.

Wireless earbuds are a great present option and are especially beneficial for runners or friend who loves to fit in a high-intensity workout. It's even better if they’re water and sweatproof, so they can listen to their favorite tunes and work up a sweat without any worries.

If your athletic bestie prefers to block out noise, they will appreciate noise-canceling headphones. While they don’t provide complete silence, they can help block out the unwanted background noises at the gym, like weights slamming down on a machine or nearby chit-chat, which is especially helpful when they’re trying to focus on their training goals.


If you’re looking to splurge and spoil your friend, a smartwatch is a great gift. A smartwatch is an essential item for many people training, so make sure they don’t already have one before you splash out!

Most smartwatches (if not all) on the market can keep track of and provide a variety of health metrics to help your bestie keep their health and fitness on track. From monitoring their sleep, heart rate, and oxygen levels to tracking workout durations, they’ll definitely be able to see how much progress they’ve made towards their goals.

As well as keeping track of their health and fitness, smartwatches have the added benefits of being lightweight, fashionable, and water and sweat-resistant.

Foam roller

If you prefer to steer clear of tech and gadgetl gifts, there are plenty of fitness equipment pieces to choose from that will help level up their workouts. You can always ask them what specific equipment they need - or just listen and take note of anything they talk about! If you’re still stuck on ideas, a foam roller is a great present to help your gym friend during recovery. Foam rollers are great for easing muscle pain, improving range of motion, relieving back pain and helping them relax after their training.

They are also compact, portable, durable and affordable (if they need to be replaced), and some brands even offer a bonus with their foam rollers, such as a matching massage ball or an online workout.

Resistance band set

Another compact and portable fitness gift to consider for your bestie is a resistance band set.

If you’re unsure how many pieces to go for, stick on the smaller side with a three-piece set that provides light, medium and heavy resistance. This will still provide your bestie with a varied workout, which they’ll love.

If you’re looking to go all out, you can buy your bestie sets with up to 11 pieces, or even ones that come with training manuals, door anchors, stainless-steel handles and a matching bag to store them at home or take with them to the gym.

Stylish, New Clothes

If you’d like to invest in some new workout clothes as a gift, you can’t go wrong with new stylish and functional workout gear. Shopping for clothes for other people can be tricky! But if you know their size, you can’t go wrong.

A new pair of stylish and functional leggings can help them workout comfortably in material that will keep them feeling and looking cool, provide support if they’re injured, and improve their performance. If you want to play it safe, you could always go for active accessories, like sweatbands or even a new running jacket.

Whether you’re buying a T-shirt or singlet, make sure it’s a relaxed fit and made of breathable material, so your bestie can work up a sweat without getting drenched. If you’re buying a crop top, ensure you have the right cup, as well as dress size, to ensure “the girls” are getting enough support while they work out.

Fitness dice

While your fitness friend may have their regular regime and training, that doesn’t mean they don’t get bored with it once in a while. Fitness dice are a great gift and way to combat this boredom by shaking up their regime and training in a fun way. Plus, they can also even make a fun game for you to join in on!

Some fitness dice will include the number of times or minutes you do a certain exercise for on the same die, while other sets will separate the two. Either way, your bestie will definitely love the novel and fun approach in helping maintain their motivation.

Mini exercise bike

While you could put this under the fitness equipment gift category, this is another quirky, unique gift to help keep your friend’s motivation up. Your bestie can use a mini exercise bike as both a bike and arm pedaller, strengthening their legs and arms at the same time. They can keep it under their desk so they can train at work, or even when they’re sitting on the couch at home.


Gift buying can definitely be hard! However, knowing what your friend is interested in can really help guide you to a present that they’ll surely love! With these varied gift ideas you’ll definitely keep your job as your athletic bestie’s biggest cheerleader while they’re on their next fitness adventure.

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