Privacy Policy

With this privacy policy, we set out how Nerdy Rockson uses information its users provide and protects it from third parties. Our privacy policy constantly changes. Refer to this page to check new outcoming updates.

Advertising on Nerdy Rockson

Nerdy Rockson uses Google Adsense advertising. Google uses cookies to collect data from users to show appropriate ads. Refer to Google Ads settings to adjust advertisements to suit your needs.

Children Online Privacy Protection

Nerdy Rockson doesn‘t collect information about children who are aged 13 and under. In cases where it happens, data gets deleted.

Your Information

Nerdy Rockson gathers information from users that they voluntary provide by commenting and interacting on the website. We do not recommend sharing your personal information such as phone number, address, social security number, name, email address or any other sensitive data. You are fully responsible for what you share on this website. People do make mistakes and we understand that. In case you want to delete information that you have accidentally shared, please contact us here.

Links to Other Websites

Nerdy Rockson shares links to other sources. However, we have no control of other website‘s actions and therefore do not take responsibility for the information you share with them or they share with you. We can only protect the information that you provide to use directly.

Logging Data

When you use Nerdy Rockson‘s services and enter our website, we collect data that is not connected to your personal information: IP address, time spent on the website, pages you have visited and other statistics.

Cookie Policy

Read our cookie policy here.

Contact Us

If you have questions or any concerns, please contact us here. Sincerely, Michael The Creator and Editor of Nerdy Rockson.
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