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Building a business online alone can a be daunting, lonely and frustrating process … but working together we can move mountains! If you are an expert in the Self-help, Motivational, Personal Development, Beauty or Health, Travel, Tech, and Wellness space, then I invite you to join this network of authors. I have put together some guest blog guidelines to help us all be successful!

Why should you guest blog here? What is in it for you?
  1. – Build your reputation as an expert in your field.
  2. – Promote your business through relationship building and direct links to your website.
  3. – If you write 3 or more articles for this blog, you will be featured within this website.

    Basic Guest Blog Guidelines:

    Successful guest blog contributions are interesting, comprehensive and lead our readers to reach positivity.
    1. Your article should be original, interesting content related to our theme.
    2. Your article should not be published on any other site (including your own) to prevent duplicate content penalties.
    3. All images and references must be properly cited.
    4. The length of the article needs to be more than 1000 words.
    5. If your work is accepted, I will invite you to register on this site as an author to be able to post regularly. You will have an image with your account, a short Bio and link to your website.
    6. I reserve the right to edit or adapt the content to be formatted properly, add links to other relevant content within the site and tweak to ensure proper SEO.
    Building an audience is hard and it must be protected for all of us, so to make sure we are all working smarter, not harder, these are areas that are not accepted:
    1. Backlinking is very limited on this site as it is can be considered link spamming. If your article has more than one anchor link to your website within the copy, the article will either not be accepted or I will remove the additional anchor links. (Please do not request further backlinks for payment.)
    2. The article itself cannot be overly self-promotional. I am looking for experts on topics and engaging content. You can gladly sell your expertise and business in your bio link.
    3. Topics that do not fit our audience will not be accepted. I reserve the right to determine if it is a fit.
    4. This is an English speaking blog, so proper grammar and language is required.
      Thank you again for considering joining this network of experts! If you agree to the above guest blog guidelines, then email your completed article and images directly to me at [email protected].
      Normally, we will contact you within 4 days after your submissions, so please be patient!