Tips on Choosing and Styling a Watch

Tips on Choosing and Styling a Watch

A watch is one of those accessories you can just never go wrong with. No matter the occasion, a stylish watch will always be appropriate and you won’t have to rely on other accessories to make your outfit complete. But choosing the right watch and matching it to an outfit isn’t such an easy task, and since a watch is usually an investment piece, you don’t want to go wrong. So here’s how to choose the perfect watch and how to wear it anywhere.

What’s your lifestyle?

The first part of getting a watch that suits your lifestyle is determining what that is. You can always mix up styles, but to make your life easier, the best thing you can do is to get a watch that matches what you would most often be doing. If you’re a business person that is often in a corporate environment, you might be best off with a classic watch, while if you’re a sporty person who spends most of their time in casual clothing or in sporty outfits, a sporty watch is better suited. So, think a little bit about what your most common outfits are and you’ll realize that even though you might want a watch that will match the evening wear that you put on once a month, a better investment is something that will match what you wear every day.

Choosing the watch

Choosing the watch

There are many things to look into when buying a watch. Before you get into the style and technicalities, you first need to decide what your price point is. If you want to splurge, that’s your prerogative, but you can find amazing classy watches in an online watch store for completely reasonable prices without sacrificing any of the quality. What you want to look for is something that will sit comfortably on your wrist (leather and metal are usually preferred) and that can stand the test of time and everyday wear. Scratch-resistant glass is pretty good to have no matter what you’re looking for. Additional qualities like a calendar, moon phases, and similar attributes are your personal preference, just like whether you want a winding watch, a battery-powered one or a mechanical one.

Choosing the jewelry

A watch is an accessory like any other, and you have to be careful to pair it with accessories that match. For starters, you want to watch the metals: if your watch is all gold, you probably don’t want to have all-silver jewelry on. Similarly, you don’t want your jewelry to overpower the watch, so your best bet is to go with something dainty and light, so the watch can really be the focal point. Of course, if you’re putting together a more complex outfit, you can have your jewelry match and support your watch, so that everything works in unison to make you shine, or for a much more subtle and detail-oriented touch, you can match the metal of the watch to the metal on your bag, purse, belt or shoes. This kind of matching will certainly be appreciated by anyone who takes a closer look at your outfit.

The clothing question

The clothing question
Your clothing will obviously depend on your style, but there are some things you can do if you want to really display your watch. The first is to wear a solid color top, so wherever your wrist lands, the watch doesn’t get lost in a pattern. Secondly, during wintertime, don’t be afraid to wear your watch on the outside of a long-sleeve shirt. This applies especially for women, because the usually thin watches make a great accessory, and you don’t have an odd bump underneath your sleeve. If you have a button-up shirt but want to display your watch, just roll up your sleeves and get an instant casual-chic look. If you’re wearing a jacket or cardigan, make sure the sleeves are loose enough that you can easily take it on and off without it catching on the watch.
Wearing a watch is a statement and every adult should have a go-to everyday watch in their drawer. So whether you’re looking to update and get a new watch, or if you want to learn how you can make the one you have stand out in your outfit, hopefully, these tips taught you a trick or two about what you should be looking out for.
Choosing and styling a watch
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